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Exceptions to the "I before E..." rule?

Asked by gailcalled (54644points) April 7th, 2007
"except before C or when sounded like A as in neighbor and weigh." I can think of weird, seize, leisure, height, veil, eidetic, either, neither, and peignor, which doesn't count since it is borrowed.
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eider, as in eider down.
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Eider ya got it or you don't. Thanks.
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ok, I couldn't stop thinking about this so i asked a friend of mine who is an English teacher and she provided this:
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beige, cleidoic, codeine, deify, deity, deign, dreidel, feisty, foreign, forfeit, gleization, gneiss, greige, greisen, heifer, heigh-ho, heir, heist, leitmotiv, seiche, seidel, seine, seismic, seize, sheik, society, sovereign, surfeit, teiid, weir, weird
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I couldn't find cleidoic, gleization, and teiid in my collegiate dictionary.. And some of the other words are borrowed from German, Hebrew, etc, scientific terminology...but an interesting list, nonetheless. Glad that I wasted your morning as well. There's also sheila if you speak Aussie.
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recieve, peice, efficeint, recipeint, reciet, magnitude

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