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I am thinking of selling on etsy. I am nervous about putting my paypal info on there. Anyone have problems with this?

Asked by dknopf (4points) November 27th, 2010

I am just learning about Etsy and selling my swarovski crystal bead bracelets on it. Am wondering if anyone has had problems with them, and also putting your personal information on there, if anyone has had any problems with that. Thanks!

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To have money paid in to your paypal, all you need to do is give out your email. If you gave me your email address I could pay in cash to your paypal with it, I would not need anything else. So if someone wants more details than just your email, it is highly suspect.

Just make sure that whenever you log in to paypal you are on the actual domain before you log in, and don’t hand out any details, and you should be fine.

I have never heard of etsy, but searching “etsy scam” does bring up a couple of results where people claim it’s a scam. such as this link, but there are also other results that say it’s not a scam, so the ones calling it a scam could just be unhappy customers. As i have never used them (or heard of them until now) ill leave you to decide if you trust them or not for now.

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I have only one thing to @poisonedantidote‘s great answer; never click on an email link to your Paypal account, or any other online banking. Instead of clicking on a link, type “” yourself in the browser address box.

A common scam is a convincing looking email, apparently from your bank, asking you to login, so they can capture your login.

But Paypal is safe, as @poisonedantidote wrote, all anybody needs to pay you is an email address.

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Etsy is a perfectly reputable website. My mom has had an Etsy store for several years and has never had any security problems with it.

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Etsy is a reputable site for selling craft and other items. It has been around for many years. Paypal is a safe site to use if you follow reasonable precautions. I suggest using the paypal tutorial for instructions.

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