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What to do with a shattered elbow with damaged cartilage on a 20 year old?

Asked by hyt831 (3points) November 28th, 2010

I was in a terrible car accident on August 20, 2009, which left me with both elbows fractured/shattered. My right elbow is currently fused at a 90degree angle due to excessive bone growing around the elbow; but the main problem is that the cartilage is destroyed and there is no surface for any type of movement. Since I am only 20, my doctor does not recommend a elbow replacement, because it will be worn out quickly; and there is a weight limitation of 20lbs max. Is there any type of surgery that can replace cartilage? I know the injury is really bad and I am not hoping for total recovery for this elbow, but I would love to have some range of motion.

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I am not sure how much faith you may have in your doctor.

You sound desperate and at the age of 20, i understand.

My sincere suggestion is that you come to Nashville and make an appointment with one of Vanderbilts Hospital orthopedic surgeons. Vanderbilt is one of the most aggresive and progressive hospitals in the nation. Vanderbilt has the latest medical techniques and applications and they are not afraid to use them for the benefit of their patients.

If i were in your situation, and only age 20, i would do whatever it takes to make your life back to normal as much as possible.

I do wish you would try Vanderbilt. i have had 4 stents placed in my heart and the technique used at Vanderbilt was amazing. highly recommended.

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