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Crafty/Artsy Jellies: What are some unique ways to present a photo?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) November 29th, 2010

Everyone is getting my photography for Christmas…I’m sick of all the consumerism and useless gifts…and I’m broke.
What are some unique things I could do with them? Some will just get slapped in a nice frame, but some if them I want to funkify…like a Mod Podged diptych, etc.

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Decoupage on a wooden box would be nice.

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Perhaps make a scrapbook. That offers lots of possibilities for funking up the photos.

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I use pretty kitchen towels to wrap all gifts in unless they are too big. Two presents for the price of one.

And fasten the towel with several clothes pins.

(I suppose you could use tortillas or strudel dough also).

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I did this one year (good for you for breaking out!) I basically chose black and white photo’s of each of my family members, taken by myself. For each of them I mounted them on black paper in one corner of the piece. I then chose an individual poem for them, typed it up, printed it and mounted that next to the photo. In the space left on the paper I did some basic abstract artwork in one colour with normal paints and sparky glue. I did specific colour themes for each person and chose the relevant colour of frame to go with the piece. I should try and photograph it for you and post it somewhere if I have time.

It took a great deal of work, but I was really really proud of the result and I have still have my sons hanging above my computer.

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I just found a bunch of acorns and I’m planning to glue those onto a frame with a picture of my Dad, brother and nephew on the nephew’s first camping trip.

You can glue all sorts of interesting things onto frames with hot glue. Nuts and bolts, beans, bark, moss, sticks, glitter glue, jingle bells, fake fur, tiny wooden Xmas ornaments, army men, buttons, bottle caps, old keys, rocks, pennies, cocktail umbrellas etc.

If you don’t want to frame the photos Target and other places that process photos can put your photo on a coffee mug or a t-shirt or a mouse pad or a calendar.

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Can you turn the photos into a slideshow? It takes up less space in the house than a scrapbook or a framed photo, and you can put them in order to tell a story and set it to music that’s meaningful to the recipient. You can add text like lines of poetry or family in-jokes. I would love to get something personal like this.

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A set of coasters would be nice. Have them printed on mousepad material and cut apart.
Sets of notecards

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