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Any tips on a pass time for my dad?

Asked by wenwen (331points) November 29th, 2010

My dad is 77, and very very active, he rides his bike every day, does maintenance on his home ,gathers and chops his own fire wood, is out 4/5 nights a week at the casino or hotel lounge with my mum, and still entertains as a keyboard player. He lives a great life!
The problem is 3 weeks ago he fell off his ladder and broke 6 ribs at the back of his Left side. He has been in critical care & is now home, but he’s quite down as he isn’t really doing much. TV has never been his thing. I take him out to a cafe once or twice a week, but he’s bored. He should be up & about again in a month , but then he has a hip replacement op in January, so he’ll be house bound again for a couple of weeks. He isn’t a reader, and I just wish I could suggest something to keep him busy. He’s a get up and go man, who can’t do that right now.
Any suggestions?

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Is there anything he has been meaning to do but hasn’t gotten around to? Organizing a stamp collection, putting together a family album, researching ancestry? Anything he hasn’t had the time to do until now?
Does he like puzzles? Crosswords, sudoku?
Does he have/want a pet? I know his condition is only temporary (thank goodness) but a pet could help him during the transitional period and remain a close buddy even post-recovery.

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Does he like puzzles? You could get him some puzzles, crosswords, word search, etc. Things that will stretch his mind since his body isn’t working right now. What about getting him on the computer? He can play poker on the computer. He could listen to books on CD’s.

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Thank you, will try a sudoku puzzle book today. He may like that.He sees his grandson everyday & my dog too, which I know cheers him up, but its the bits in between… He is very set in his ways – hence the upset for him!!!

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What about signing up to volunteer with some sort of phone crisis hot-line? That way he will have the mental stimulation and know that he’s helping someone.

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What about puzzles? Sodoku? Word puzzles?

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If he is able to go to a cafe with you one or two days a week, is he able to go to the casino he goes to with your Mom? Even if you take him in a wheelchair so he doesn’t get overtired, I’m sure he’d trade two days at a cafe for one day at the casino.

If he is a gambler, play penny poker or blackjack with him at home. Explain the situation to some of his buddies and see if they’d be willing to come to his house and play cards or a board game one evening a week. Any card game would be a cute way to teach a younger child numbers. I’m sure he’d enjoy that with his grandchild.

He may love Nintendo Wii games while he is homebound. There are many Wii games, like BrainQuest, Vegas Party, Cruise Party and Fantasy Slots that I bet he’d like. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to him regardless of whether my suggestions help.

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I assume your dad has a computer, right? when i have idle time, i visit an online casino and play for free.

Here is the only one i trust: Mummys Gold Casino. i have never had a problem with this site and i go there at least three times a week and play for free. their games are really something. just type in Mummys and sign your dad up for many hours of free entertainment.

Us gambling addicts have to have something to satisfy our craving and Mummys Gold Casino fill the bill. let me know how he likes it.

And tell your dad to keep thinking young and to get back in the swing of things in his life. remember, your mind controls the body. tell him this. jp

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’m going to amuse my dad one way or another!!! He doesn’t have a computer, and I don’t think he’d even want to begin to learn on my pc. he usually just scoffs at the idea! He thinks pc’s are a waste of time…you can’t teach an old dog new tricks has never been a truer statement when it comes to my dad!!!! Thanks everyone x

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Well, if he’s a “get up and go” kind of guy, then he may not much care for Sudoku, board games and logic puzzles and the like. But if he can get up and walk, then perhaps he’d enjoy walking with a camera and doing some photography. (And after he has his January surgery he’ll be required to do as much walking as he can stand as part of the recovery.)

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Sit him in front of a laptop and point him to Fluther.

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Can you afford to buy him a portable keyboard to play? If he doesn’t like TV programs would he be interested in rented movies? If he doesn’t like to read books, would he enjoy books on tape (CD) Talk to his buddies and get some of them to come over for lunch and chatting several times a week. You said he is able to go to the cafe, I’m guessing in a wheelchair, if he’s able maybe you can go to some museums (my dad likes any museum to do with boats, airplanes or trains) or the zoo or the planetarium. If he doesn’t have a wheelchair, you can usually rent one at those places. Maybe he would like to take up drawing or painting. Or if one of his friends or relatives is willing, they could help him write a memoir about his life by asking him questions and either recording it or writing it down.

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Write a book? Or start work on a book. That is one way to pass time.

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