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Why do people sing and talk to themselves in the shower?

Asked by sarahjane90 (1805points) November 30th, 2010

What is it that makes people have very long conversations with themselves in the shower. Singing, I can understand a bit more. Do you talk in the shower? If so, why?

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Singing, because the acoustics make anyone sound half decent. Talking, well I myself don’t really do that much.

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Because I think showers are a personal time, when you are naked and by yourself at least you believe you are and sometimes you have to get things out in the open, even if it’s just with the running H2O and yourself. I don’t talk in the shower a lot. Very rarely if ever. I don’t like talking about things. I hold it inside.

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I take cold showers,so I usually shout.;)

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I’ve only done this like two times my whole life. Once, I was wasted and just having fun alone. I was laughing about stuff I had heard earlier in the day that was extremely funny, and saying things out loud like, “Damn you Suave…” when I dropped my soap or something. The other time, I was extremely happy and just had a good song in my head. Both of those times were when I just had a good day, or week. Everything was going smoothly and all my plans were going great.

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I do it because then, no one else might hear me!!! :)

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I find it’s a great time to put my thoughts into a coherent form. It helps my clarity of thought to put things into understandable sentences, and the acoustics make me sound important.

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I sing, because the acoustics in the bathroom are pretty good. Its good practise.

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I sing in the shower because that is the only place I sound to have a half decent voice LOLL

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I don’t. I dance.

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I don’t usually sing in the shower, unless I’m in a super great mood or if I have music playing. I did find, though, that when I was taking language classes, I would repeat paradigms aloud in the shower a lot.
The shower is a great place to articulate one’s thoughts, like @JilltheTooth said. It’s also a great 10 minutes or so that you have all to yourself, so why not make it a little more fun by belting out your favourite song?

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I think the sound of the water has a drum-like tune to it and makes you want to add the lyrics.

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I don’t know – I only sing in the car when the music’s turned up so loud I can’t hear myself.

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Why not? You’re alone; your brain is not engaged; the sound of the water covers most sins.

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i don’t even sound good in the shower.

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I think it’s because it’s a private time, and no one can judge you (although I sing loud enough for the neighbors to hear). I don’t really talk to myself in the shower but I always sing!!! Maybe I’m weird but I also cry in the shower, I guess I feel like it’s a safe place and no one sees the tears.

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Showers can be so boring. Like dead time. That’s why I turn the radio on and listen to the news. Except, half the time I get lost in the thoughts in my own head and only come to halfway through a story, wondering what the hell it’s all about.

Here’s another weird thing. The station I listen to always does the traffic report, an advertisement and then the weather. They always get the weather wrong, but that’s another story. Anyway, I hear the traffic, and I pay attention even though I’m not interested because I know the weather is coming up. But the advertisement loses me, and I start thinking about…. whatever, and then when I come to, the weather report is almost over.

What up with that?

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I don’t sing or talk to myself in the shower, but I thought I’d interject to say that many resources will tell you that talking to yourself is a sign of high intelligence.

As for what I do in the shower… well, that’s none of your business (which is why I do it in the shower).

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I talk to myself pretty much everywhere but the shower. I also never could get into the whole singing in the shower thing, even though I enjoy singing and at one point (before I started smoking), I was pretty good at it. Maybe it’s the acoustics, but I just feel weird and self-conscious doing it unless there’s music playing at the same time.

I dunno, the shower/bathroom is kind of a boring place, so I can see why people find ways to busy their brains. Music playing is a near-requirement for me while I shower, so I can rock out in there.

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I have a pump up playlist that I listen to in the shower in the morning, and because I’ve memorized it and I’m a signer, I usually sing along.

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…and when I dance I usually just let it all out. I’ve also been known to throw in a little “Forrest Gump/Elvis” leg swinging, robot, and Thriller dance moves.

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Probably for the same reason people cry in the shower. It’s a nice private place to just let go, where there is a very low likelihood anyone will hear you.

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I sing in the shower because no one can throw rotten tomatoes at me in there!

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Awesome acoustics, nice massage from the jets, start relaxing and wham out comes the music.

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Oh, I sing simply everywhere, including in the shower. I just don’t dance in there. I’m liable to get hurt! O_o

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I sing all the time as well and it’s funny my daughter has picked up the same habit and sometimes we will sing to each other in conversation. Too much fun.

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