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Who else here plays on

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23163points) December 1st, 2010

I love that place! So many different games to choose from when you have a little time to kill… It’s a blast!

Any other jellies like

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Ya, I’m good for 5 or 6 games there every once in a while, but not daily or weekly.
Balloon pop, that word scramble game, anything to cut the boredom.

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I haven’t been on there for about a year and I did enjoy the site when I used it. I’ve been meaning to go back but I have several games downloaded that keep me pretty busy.

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I don’t know what pogo is D:

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i play Poppit sometimes!! Its SILLY and fun. I like word games too. Especially ones where you make a bunch of words out of a certain bunch of letters.

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What’s pogo?

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It’s a fun gaming website with lots of different games, including: spades, hearts, pinochle, gin, chess, monopoly, trivial pursuit, risk, clue, scrabble and lots of other word games, tons of puzzle games where you pop balloons (poppit) or do other things to have as few “items” left as possible, casino games like 21, poker and slots…..

It’s got something for everyone and it’s loads of fun. And it’s totally free. (Unless you decide to join Club Pogo, then it’s still extremely cheap…)

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