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Did you play the witcher (Game) - what was your character's story - excited about '2'?

Asked by phoebusg (5251points) November 24th, 2010

Highly storyline driven RPG by CdProject – a Polish developer. The whole game is based on a book by the same name. If you haven’t played it and like RPG games I highly recommend it.

My story through the game:;topicseen#new

Share yours… what you think of the long awaited new version. And/or similar games!

Oh, if you’re a fan – early pre-order offer. Don’t even have to pay for it yet:

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No, sadly. I’ve never hard of the game =\

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can you make your own story? If you are a witcher can you make up the whole thing? is it hard to play?

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No – but your choices have huge changes to the plot. So in a way you are making it your own. It’s not very hard. But I found it was very enjoyable. A good balance between rich story, character interactions and action.

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No I’ve not YET played the first one. BUT HECK YES I“M EXCITED FOR THE SEQUEL!
I hope EVERYONE realizes that the sequel is coming out completely DRM free on
This is unheard of in the video game world right now. There is always a CD key, or you have to have your disk in the drive, or some crap… it really bogs down the experience, especially when you have more than one computer. For example, with assassin’s creed, you had to have a live internet connection to play single player, and it would delete your progress if your connection blipped. DRM is getting more and more nasty; it is about time a gaming company stood up to show gamers will PAY to not have this bogus, bloated, restrictive, junk, called Digital Rights Management. Besides, DRM is circumvented within days as anyone can clearly see by a quick scan of torrents and warez-bb like sites.

So yea, my money is going to pay for anti-DRM.

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