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What is a hob knocker?

Asked by vade66 (68points) December 4th, 2010 from iPhone

I really hope this doesn’t have a bad definition but what the heck is a hob knocker? I heard it on iCarly and it was used quite a lot by this guy who went around calling everone a hob knocker. They said it was something gross and illigal but never reveiled the real meaning of the word. What is a hob knocker?

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Is iCarly something popular that I don’t know about because I live under a rock and travel through sewer water?
It’s probbaly no different than a buttknocker. Whatever it means is what your imagination conjures, with a little help from modern society’s superficiality, as decreed by whatever source it comes from.

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@Symbeline iCarly is a show on Nickelodeon but I suggest not watching it because it tries to be funny and is stupid and doesn’t always show the reality of a 14 year old girl’s life like I deem it is supposed to. But it is popular anyway.

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Egads…I had no idea Nick still existed…I watched shows from them like, 15 years ago.
Hopefully someone else can answer your question, as I’ve no idea, sorry. :/

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If you’re hoping for a non-gross meaning, then you’ll probably be sadly disappointed…

Hob knocker courtesy of the good ol’ Urban Dictionary.

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It seems like a whole lot of people want to know this and no one quite does seem to know. If you do a google search on hob knocker and iCarly it’s a pretty hot question but no one seems to have a definitive answer, at least from the few hits that I checked into.

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As a young person, I remember the term being used to describe people who found a way to pal around with people of a higher social class. They’d go ‘hob-knobbing’. Not even close to most of which I’ve seen in the past few minutes!

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The definition at UrbanDictionary was created on exactly the same day (or one day after) as that iCarly episode’s first airing, which leads one to believe that it’s totally arbitrary and was made up as a joke.

I want to say the term was created by the show’s writers and originally had no real meaning. It probably was taken from the word hobnob, like @MissA suggests.

Edit: Also notice there are three different gross defintions (another one here). And they all occurred on the same day or shortly after the show’s first airing, so some fairly large Internet cohort probably got together to produce and up-vote the definitions on UrbanDictionary.

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@MissA that was what I thought also. Running with the elite..or the rich!

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Someone who eats Hob Nobs voraciously, by the packet??

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Perhaps it’s a spoonerism or something? :)

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Maybe we should make up a word. How about Flutherbobbing? What do you all think it should mean?

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@Kardamom bobbing in and out of Fluther all day answering only one question at a time?

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@nebule Your Right! That’s exactly what flutherbobbing means.

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:-) Oh my day just gets better and better xxx Thank you x

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In this article I did come across the term hobnobbing, perhaps that’s related?

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