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What, if anything, would you do if this happened to you?

Asked by Coloma (47155points) December 5th, 2010

Yesterday I received a Fed-Ex delivery and the driver was clearly coming on to me.
He asked if I was ‘single’ and loitered around asking personal questions about my life until I cut him off, thanked him, and went back inside.

2 hours later he showed up again claiming he forgot to get a signature, and, let me know he was now off work.

Again he was lingering, asking questions about my life and animals. And, once again, after a minute or two of chit chat I said ‘Thank-You’ and went back into my house.

I confirmed with Fed-Ex this morning that I was NOT required to sign and they told me that this person had claimed that the first delivery was a ‘wrong address’ and that they had to re-deliver after the end of their shift.

I am not one to cause trouble for another, but, I feel this was highly unprofessional and rather creepy.

He blatantly lied, obviously as an excuse to return to my home and engage me again.

Would you file a complaint or just let it go, chalk it up to flirtatious behavior, or, a potential creep that now knows where I live?

Fed-Ex was very apologetic and encourages a complaint be filed.

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Let it go, unless something else happened. They have a record of the complaint, so I would just make sure that will stay on the record with them and/or send an email confirming it so that if he does come back (which is probably unlikely) you have a record of a pattern.

They know, so if they choose to do something, they can.

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Wow; I hope you didn’t tell him you have a hot tub. LOL I wonder what you were wearing?
JK JK I wouldn’t file a complaint,no. It might come back and hit you in the head. I guess it can be risky for a woman to live alone these days. I think it’s creepy too!

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Don’t worry about it unless he keeps showing up. Chances are that he meant no harm. Some people just have awkward social graces.

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Heh, well..I was in my PJ’s looking like a pioneer woman, sooo, I guess you could say it was somewhat flattering, was also creepy, he lied and also made jokes about my delivery, the giant beanbag loveseat and made references about how they were great for ‘cuddling.’

Seriously, what kind of Penthouse forum fantasy did this guy have going on.

Sure, help me unpack my beanbag love seat and we’ll get right down to it! WTF! haha


Yes, that’s what I figured, but still…kinda bizarre, showing up twice and then lying about needing a signature.

I am going to have my experience with this guy on record, it was creepy! And, he was about 6’5, 300 lbs. just to make the axe murderer scenario more vivid! lol

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I agree it was bizarre. I mean he was too upfront from the beginning. Big guys always had that work against them because they appear intimidating. Stuff like that could get one fired. If I were him I would stop doing that.

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Yeah, the guy could probably take my doors off their hinges with 3 fingers while strangling me with the other two. haha

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Cuddlling on the loveseat?? Gosh!! I would have freaked out !!

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make sure to check your attic

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I would probably complain about it.That is weird.I had a delivery guy try to come down into my studio to try and talk.I said goodbye and shut the door in his face.

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on t.v the creepy delivery guy always ends up in the attic

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Ew, I disagree with the idea that you should let it go. I would file the complaint. This is just absolutely creepy and inappropriate.

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I think the moral of this story is that if you are real life yeti as the asker has described that you shouldn’t be so upfront with people to that extent. Even if he meant no harm he is still on the job and could lose his job. If he did it once and did not return and lie just to see her again then I can understand despite it being quite awkwards. He seemed pretty intent continuing the conversation. That is pretty inappropriate when talking to a total stranger.

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Well, I don’t have an attic, but, I did close and lock my ranch gate last night. lol


I agree, and I am filing a ‘confidential’ complaint tomorrow, just for the record.

It is creepy and I sure don’t want to see if the guy is a pyscho by filing a complaint that he, obviously, would recognize as me.

I have long joked about my biggest ‘risk’ in the creep zone would be a delivery person where I live. Perfect secluded home in the woods for a psycho to create a house of horror. lol

Seriously, I am not overly concerned, but…one never knows, told my friends and daughter that if I mysteriously disappear to look for a big, creepy guy with a ponytail that drives a Fed-Ex van. ;-)

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”...a big, creepy guy with a ponytail that drives a Fed-Ex van. ;-)”

I guess the big guy from Penn & Teller has fallen on hard times. ;-o

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Well, how far is too far? apparently, this guy does not value his job. where this person went wrong was flirting with you on the Fed Ex clock. if you were not interested in him, he should have gotten the message the first time and not on a flimsy lie just to make a second trip to you. i would hate to see this person lose their job over this situation, the ball is in your court.

Here is what i would do: sit down and write all the events as they occured with this person, include the date and time and what was said. tuck this paper away in a safe place. if you hear from this person again, THEN file a formal complaint with Fed Ex. you are giving him the benefit of the doubt.

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What @john65pennington said, plus i would write down the name of the person you spoke to at Fed Ex, plus the date and time you called, so if there’s another issue with the delivery man you can reference your first call.

if i have weird experiences like that i will usually throw around some talk of a boyfriend, husband or my neighbor who is a NYC detective (bf and husband are fiction, neighbor who is NYC detective is a fact, and that’s probably actually scarier than brother or husband).

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I agree.
Yep, caught me off qaurd, not used to having to have to lie on the spur of the moment.
Maybe I just need a Rottweiler. haha

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You have to file a complaint @Coloma. I envision you will get other Fed-X deliveries and that means creepazoid could be back. At least if he doesn’t lose his job he will know not to mess with you or he will be in pretty deep trouble if he does. And if he does come back to deliver something, just don’t answer the door and or leave a note on the door to leave the package by the door.

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what i would find scary about the situation is that he could seek some type of revenge, and having someone know where you live, to me, is the ultimate in scary situations.

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Right. This is my main concern, I value my privacy and safety, I don’t like the idea that it could be intruded upon, or that I have to exercise more caution because of this stranger.

It’s probably okay, but then again, many serial killers are janitors or delivery
‘Fed-ex’ express execution, right to your doorstop, when someone absolutely, positively must be dead overnight! hahahaha

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Oh, creepy. If he does show up again, drop a hint that you have some incurable STD or something.

Honestly…I’d file a complaint if for no other reason if something else DOES happen, you have that on record. I mean, if, for some reason it ever went to court, his defense could be, “Well, if it was so weird why didn’t she file a complaint? Maybe she secretly liked it.” Creepy.

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@Coloma : haha! btw I love that new avatar!!

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