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How bad do dropped courses look on a transfer application?

Asked by lbwhite89 (1213points) December 6th, 2010

I have been attending a technical school for nursing for the past two years. I recently decided to switch majors and so I’m trying to transfer to a four-year university to get my BA in psychology (minor in business). When I switched majors, I dropped two nursing clinicals. The university I’m applying to is the University of South Carolina. I’ve only dropped one other class and that was Medical Terminology two semesters ago because it wasn’t required and my work load was very hectic.

My high school GPA was a 4.1, SATs were 1210/1600. I was accepted to USC right out of high school but now my GPA is a 3.22 after two C’s in 6-credit nursing courses. All of my other grades are A’s with two B’s. That’s out of the 44 credits I have invested in the technical school. This school is known for a very rigorous nursing program.

I’m really nervous about getting rejected because my GPA isn’t as good as it once was. I don’t want my dropped courses/switching majors to ruin my chances. What do you think my chances of admission for the Fall are?

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Did you drop the classes by the deadline – meaning they show as a withdrawal instead of a grade? I would say a W doesn’t look as bad as an F and it certainly doesn’t affect your GPA as much.

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All three of my withdrawals were before they deadline. They are all W’s.

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Nothing looks bad on a resume if you can explain it.

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And dropping courses that were only needed because of your major isn’t a big deal at all. What would a nursing clinical do for you if you aren’t going to be a nurse? Nothing at all, and nobody would expect you to stay in the class.

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I wouldn’t worry about your switching majors having anything to do with anything. It took me 6 years to complete my BA because I switched majors, and I was accepted to 3 (pretty prestigious) grad school programs with no problems.

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Not bad at all. I always register for 18 credits, and then drop one or two the first week (in time for the full refund). That way, I can go and meet the teacher and get the syllabus and decide if it’s really a class I want to take. Sometimes, I’ll even drop a class, pick up another, and then decide to drop that one too.

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W’s are not as bad as F’s and D’s. From what my college counselor has told me, you can explain W’s and not look bad, but F’s and D’s… be really good at pleading your case and if you’re that good consider becoming a lawyer.

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