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Would you opt in to a Fluther Secret Santa?

Asked by nebule (16457points) December 6th, 2010

It’s probably too late to organise one for this year and I’m not even sure if Ben and Andrew would ‘allow’ it or if it’s a real possibility. BUT! If it was and we could organise one, would you opt in?

I would personally, I think it would be lovely to send a fellow jelly a present and in doing so find a little more out about someone you might not necessarily know a lot about. You know like building the community a little more, getting closer to one another…across the miles of ocean and land between us… I know it would cost a little more and it would take some organisation but I’ve given it some thought….

Addresses would be kept confidential apart from obviously the sender, who would need to know who and where to send the package and it would be strictly opt in so you would have to give consent. We could have a limit on cost. We give a deadline for people to opt in by and names are collated, selected randomly.

Maybe I’m just having a bit of romantic idealistic moment but would you opt in? Perhaps you already send certain jellies a Christmas present? Feel free to air your opinions and thoughts about this idea.

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I think it is a fun idea.

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Not feasible though.

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@Zyx Why do you say that? Can you elaborate?

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Well, we’re all anonymous and you’re suggesting we send gifts to adresses we’ve never seen before and let people know where we live in turn. It would be fine if there weren’t so many psychos in the world. And if you don’t get killed you run a pretty big chance of not getting anything in return or packages getting lost and shit. That’s why people do these things with whatever group they happen to be in, rather than the people they actually like.

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I’d send you something in a heartbeat! But how do we all remain anonymous? I’d have to fill out a customs form and I sure don’t want to by lying on that these days. Toner cartridges anyone?

Oooo! How about a PM with the description of the gift? Still under $10 but you don’t actually buy or send it. Isn’t it the thought that counts?
I know what I would get you already!

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I think it’s a great idea but I am not sure how it would work in practise. I would be up for it.

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Set up a Flickr group (Fluther Secret Santa) and we send our assigned jelly a photo (not of a gift per se, but something nice or beautiful or yummy or whatever we think they’ll like).

Post it in the Flickr group and PM them the link with a nice note.

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@Zyx I appreciate your concerns and yes, they are very real issues. I think though if people wanted to do it though that there are ways anonymity could be assured. Initially I was thinking that the Fluther names and addresses would be collated by an entrusted moderator or member and once the selection process was done..the senders would all be sent the name and address of a fellow jelly.

However, of course, you are saying this could be dangerous. So, we could do one of two things… a) have a vetting process (which would need some serious thought) or need a middle man…a central address where all parcels would be sent and then sent out to relevant jellies, thereby keeping address confidential) Now… granted, the latter idea would bump up costs and labour and I’m not sure about a vetting process…(how would one go about that?...but like I say it could be worth it?

@cprevite That’s a great idea in the meantime! I wouldn’t have a clue what do to carry that out but I’ll look into it! Thank you xx

@worriedguy Bless you !! You’re a sweetie pie x It is the thought that counts!!! Good idea xx

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@nebule And a “Merry Christmas ta thee!” (But it sounds a lot cooler when you say it in that accent of yours.)

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Another option for helping keep addresses secret would be for us all to make a wishlist on a site. Our secret santa could buy something off our wishlist and the site would mail it directly to the recipient without the sender ever seeing the address. Just a thought for those concerned about giving out their address.

Personally, I think if it was going to be done, there would have to be rules about who could participate. Not to be mean to newer jellies, but to help with the comfort of those participating. It should be something like in order to participate, the jelly must have been an active participant on the site for at least x amount of months. Something like that with a definition of what active really meant.

I would consider joining in if I felt comfortable with the way it was being done and who was participating in it.

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I’m with @flutherothernot literally; it’s too snowy up there! – I’d be up for it and it’s a lovely idea, though how how how???

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Maybe I should suggest it to the big guys for next year…maybe…or is it a stupid stupid idea???

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Well if they can find a way to make it work even I might participate.

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Actually… it could work as a marketing ploy as well….I’m thinking Fluther Parcel Wrapping paper!!! Posties everywhere would be intrigued! (Ok ok… so I’m going too far!) ... I’m pretty sure we can make it work somehow…. We need a focus group people! xxxx

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@Zyx Reddit pull it off without many glitches, and they would be much bigger than Fluther at this point.

I’d be in if I could afford the postage to elsewhere in the world (I doubt there are that many Flutherites here). Which I can’t.

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actually (surprisingly) postage to elsewhere in the world isn’t as bad as I’d thought it would be…

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Sorry, but I wouldn’t. It’s not that it’s a stupid idea, it’s just that the idea is (in my opinion) better than the reality. It wouldn’t bother me if others did it, but I wouldn’t join in.

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I like the idea! I would do it under the right parameters, keeping anonymity and safety in mind. The limit would have to be relatively inexpensive for me to be able to participate, like $20/max.

I think the wishlist idea is a really good work-around to avoid the sharing of postal addresses (and much less work than sending everything to a central location and reshipping). Amazon has a feature where your address is hidden to gift-giving people throughout the entire process. All they need to find you is your email address or full name to find your list, they shop, click, buy, and that’s it.

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I’d do it, if I could afford it. I did think about asking a question for everyone to give virtual gifts and/or cards to each other, but thought I’d wait until a little closer to Christmas to post it.

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I think it’d be awesome, though the address thing does make me wary. We did something similar with postcards, but it probably wasn’t the safest idea. You just never know.

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That sounds lovely @augustlan xx

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I love the virtual gift/card idea.

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Great idea….but alot of thought and planning would be needed to make this into a reality.

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