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When did you feel most creative?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) December 6th, 2010

What were you doing? What kind of creativity was it? Why did it make you feel creative or however it made you feel?

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I used to write screen plays and whenever I would write, I listened to music that I felt set the mood and beat for the scene I was working on. Music has always been something I use when I’m working.

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I draw and paint and sculpt, and unfortunately I can only get into them when I am in the mood. That’s why I didn’t choose them as my profession. Although one thing that usually does get me in the mod is seeing others work and being inspired. So trips to a museum usually accomplish that for me.

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Around the time my parents first split, I started taking some antidepressants. The first week I was on them, was the most exhilarating week of my life… I felt not only free but extremely expressive. I guess it was partly having my mom out of the house – I always felt like she restricted me. Not really intentionally; she just wanted me to play sports and didn’t encourage my creative, artistic side. So when she left, and I started these meds that made me feel so much happier… I started to paint everything (shoes, chairs, fans). It didn’t last long but it was certainly one of the most creative periods of my life!

Then there was this weekend when I made Christmas cards, I felt pretty creative then too :)

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as an artist, I “feel” most creative when I lose myself in favor of giving myself completely over to the opportunity before me.

sex is the best example.

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During National Novel Writing Month when I was a sophomore at university. On the first day, I wrote twenty pages without pausing once. Everything fell perfectly into place. It was wonderful! But I did not touch the story again. The creative energy was gone by the next day. I have tried to work on it several times since then. No mas.

I usually feel the most creative at night just as I am on the verge of falling asleep. I will drag myself out of bed and get back in front of a desk to pound out a page or two of writing before the feeling leaves.

Yesterday, I ran hit a snag of loneliness coupled with disappointment. I managed to get through four stanzas of a poem before turning in for the night.

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When I play legos with my son. We can build a fort a ship or castle, all while traveling through time.

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it’s usually necessity that forces it out of me. I get called on to do the nit picky kind of work that only creative people would be able pull off. It comes as a curse sometimes but it is kinda cool to succeed at a project that is of an oddball nature. I used to think that smoking pot was the magic elixir that got my gears spinning but since I don’t do that anymore I realize I never really needed it for that anyway, Hmmm.

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When I’ve looked back on some past work and think, “wow, how’d I come up with that?” (Regardless of whether or not it’s ‘good’ or ‘well done’ or not).
It’s hard to think of myself creative in the moment, because I’m often just following the orders of my subconscious, or whatever it is that gets its ideas.
But when I get back and look at it from a distance, I can sort of pretend that I am creative, and that I came up with it, whatever it is. Because I did… sort of.
I’m not describing this very well I don’t think…

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I had a piss in the snow one time, wrote my name & everything. Joined up writing too. I mean, I suffered for my art…my balls were freezing, but it was worth it. Yellow snow doodling, it’s truly amazing.

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I think I identify with @DancingMind. I’m probably most creative when I get so involved in something that I forget I’m there. But when I forget I’m there, I don’t know I’m being creative. So the rest of the time I feel pretty uncreative in comparison to this imagined Shangri La of gravid fecundity.

Hey—it’s my imagination! I can pretend it’s as creative as I want!

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I don’t know exactly why, but I am at my most creative immediately following periods of illness. I think it’s because being sick is fairly emotionally trying, and drawing, for me, is a good way to deal with strong emotions.

My drawings are organized into folders by year, starting with 2006 because that’s when I started really liking to draw. The 2007 and 2009 folders are crammed full (those are years in which I had periods of sickness) while the 2008 and 2010 folders have barely anything in them. 2008 and 2010 also feel in hindsight like years of relative apathy in comparison to the other two, so I guess it makes sense.

I used to mostly draw, and while I still draw a bit I’ve moved my focus to some different hobbies. Jewelry-making is my current obsession.

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Most creative? On LSD. I think of things I didnt know my brain was capable of. Now if only I were a better artist :(

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