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What is it called if you misquote a misquote, but when you do you quote the quote you quote it correctly?

Asked by kapuerajam (917points) April 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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Sorry, that was too garbled to understand what you are asking. Could you rephrase?

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thats called plagiarism, even though it was by accident. sometimes plagiarism happens subconsiously. like in seinfeld where elaine draws a ziggy comic strip for the new york post. (im obsessed with seinfeld)

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@kapuerajam can you please restate the question?

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you misquote a misquote
your misquote is correct

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Well, here goes nothing. If you quote a misquote correctly, then you have a correct quote.

For example, “Three score and six years ago” is a correct quote of a misquote. Clear now? (HI, Sam.)

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hi gail!

i agree. if you accurately repeat someone else’s mistake, then what you’ve done is “quote.”

if you make a mistake quoting someone, no matter what they said, you’ve made a misquote.

and if you quote a misquote and use the opportunity to correct the misquote, like if i say “what gailcalled meant was ‘four score and seven years ago”, then that’s called a “correction”

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This has been random…

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why don’t you just quote the original quote?

@mtl zack, its not plagiarism if its a quote.

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So, who’s on first?

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@monsoon: yes it s because youre originally quoting the guy who quoted it, so its a false citation.

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False citation doesn’t equal plagiarism, which is using someone else’s words without attribution. If I said, “It’s not plagiarism if it’s a quote” w/o letting everyone know that Monsoon said it first, I am stealing his work. I really don’t know what a false citation means.

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You can also quote something that has an error in it, but quote it faithfully, by placing [sic] right after the word that has the mistake in it. This way you quote what the person said or wrote, but don’t perpetuate the error.

Hypothetical example, using the Fluther motto: “Tap the collective. You ask a question. We get it to the write [sic] people.” Fortunately, Ben and Andrew got it right the first time, but that’s just to give an example.

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let me rephrase. a quote is comprised of a) the quote, and b) the author of the quote(citation). person A says the correct quote, and B misquotes A, and you quote B, then you are citing the work of B, not A. so basically, you’re quoting the wrong person.

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this has gotten ridiculous, even for me.

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Suggest you ask a woodchuck;)!

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