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What is your favorite MST3K moment/episode?

Asked by Smashley (8007points) December 8th, 2010

(That’s Mystery Science Theater 3000, for those who aren’t familiar with the raw Minnesotan genius)

The show ran for more than a decade, nearly 200 episodes. As far as I can tell, every one was gold, though occasionally the humor was only barely enough to make some of those cheese-reels watchable. When did you begin your love affair with MST3K, and what episodes or moments have stuck with you over the years?

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Far far too many to list. Touch of Satan “You’re not gonna ‘ZAA’ your way out of this one.” “What brings you here?” ‘If you say your police car I’m gonna chainsaw you in half!’
From The Mole People; The whole string of “load” comments and the riffing during the dance; “Ishtar’s GOTTA love that!”
Phantom Planet “Congratulations Mrs. astronautm it’s a boy..boy…boy, Frank you’ve wet the bed again…gain…gain, Fank, you’ll have to repeat the second grade…grade…gade… I’m afraid you’re not 7–11 timbre Frank..Frank…Frank…”
I watch at least one per week even now. Yaay Netflix and youtube!

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Merlin’s Shop of Wonders….

holy shit… my little sis and I got so many inside jokes out of that episode.

“Now I have to send you to hell!”

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Hehehe “I’ll give you a cookie if you’ll shut up!”

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@Trillian, no granpa Borgnine, no!

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Isn’t it all so perfect for inside jokes? Ever since my brother became taller than me, I’ve referred to him as “Big McLargehuge.” And whenever I see John Williams’ name before a film, I say something like: “Oh he’s the guy who did the score for ‘Daddy-O’, so you know this’ll be good.”

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My favorite was when they started with some of the educational films of the 50’s, or a Gumby episode.

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@filmfann – Man! The Gumby episodes are on my “must watch list” but I think I’ve seen just about every short. I love when you can just smell the presence of the corporation that commissioned the film.

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Oh yeah, the “Posture Pals” short was good.

And so was the one about the zookeeper Jack Hana guy who basically raped and pillaged the jungle on his own.

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Holy crap that one upset me! Where he’s just yanking screaming bear cubs out of trees! And they were glorifying it the entire time. (And the narrator referred to the Jack Hana guy as his “boy-friend” which cracked me up something terrible.

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@Smashley I forgot about the boy-friend part! This was my face when he said that.

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