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Would you share (youtube) a special TV or Film moment?

Asked by zensky (13418points) October 8th, 2011

What about it made it so memorable?

Does it pass the test of time?

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Jeb Corliss

Dan Osman

These guys are my heroes for their sheer fearlessness. Of course, only one of them is still alive.

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I love this last scene from the movie Serenity.

Capt. Mal explains the first rule of flying. When the movie came out, the quote was uploaded as part of a report to the ISS 15 July 2006.

The DVD of this movie and the tv show it was based on was brought up to the Space Station in June 2007. There are Browncoats in NASA and on the Space Station.

I love my Captain.

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Bill Withers in Zaire 1974

My mother told me about this performance as an example of great human voice before unassisted by background vocals, music or pfffff pffffffff, autotune.

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@cazzie Yay! Firefly fan!

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@syz & @ Ca Me too! Good choice…

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I love this Film… TO me it is intellectually, poetically and Scientifically the perfect combination.

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@lilycoyote: Incredible! I’ve never seen anything like them.

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This scene from the movie Big Fish is one of my absolute favorites. Especially from about 4:20 on. It’s just so poignant and I adore Helena Bonham Carter.

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The first half, after they just start talking it doesn’t matter.

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OK… I just came across something that has really changed how I think about people that are in my life:

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