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What was your best idea ever?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12677points) December 8th, 2010

What was the best idea that you have ever had? It can be about anything.

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I thought up the most brilliant name for a music quartet of violins. I mean, it was perfect.

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Turning my hobby into a business

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To create only two sub-genres of metal: Good metal and shitty metal

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Taking the feedback from people who attended a class I oversaw in giving future participants what they really needed in order to be successful in their job. I’ll never forget those that gave me the green light to give these participants what they asked for, cut costs, and be more sustainable for the company.

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Leaving my job in a family business to re-enter my career

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Opening a hospice program for cats. I love cats but I’m in a period of life where I keep moving around, so I can’t commit to more than a couple months. I’ll take in terminally ill cats and love them and care for them in their remaining time.

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Twister on a fitted bed sheet.

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Looking at my whole life, I would have to say; it was giving my husband a third chance when we were first introduce. Its a long story but the first moment I met him, he pissed me off, then he did it again. I figured we were not compatible but I gave him a third chance because I just thought I would kill him with kindness and we’ve been together for 29 years.
I’ve had some other great ideas, but there have been no other that has affected my life this much.

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Making a pledge to be happy every single day for the rest of my life. I did not like the alternative.

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I’m hoping against hope that I haven’t had my best idea yet because if I have, well, that would just be sad, really sad.

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