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If we have not earned enough trust in Afghanistan after all this time will we ever?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) December 9th, 2010

The US has been fighting in Afghanistan equally as long as the Soviets (if not longer) and seem no closer than the Soviets in winning. The Army and such to this day are still trying to earn the trust of the people to the point it is good enough to help greatly in defeating the Taliban and Al Qaeda. If after all this time the US still can’t or hasn’t done it, what makes them think they will turn the page and finally get it? If the shoe was on the other foot and it was them roaming our streets would we ever trust them? Some of you are lying big time right now. How many more years and how many more billions will it take to be trusted even 70%? The Soviets were smart and got out before all was lost.

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There have been great strides made in Afghanistan. Part of the problem is that we are interfering in another country. Rather than send guns, Reagan should have sent humanitarian aid and funding for rebuilding the country’s infrasturcture after the Russians left. It would have been a lot cheaper, and would have enabled moderation to get a toehold more quickly. We should shift our spending to rebuilding.

The projects that are working in Afghanistan are citizen-led infrastructure programs and education initiatives.

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One of the hard things for the US when it comes to Afghanistan, is we can’t help but look at their cultural practices and think that our’s are better. So we sometimes try to help by trying to westernize people. That has the effect opposite to what is intended. They become more skeptical about why we are there and less willing to trust us when it appears that we are doing things to alter their culture. Just an observation.

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Hopefully Petraeous will be a game changer like in Iraq, but I’ve my doubts. Karzia is “crooked as snake!” The Republicans would never go alone with leaving also. It’s “dang if you do and dang if you don’t” situation. Lot of money and lives spent there. Personally, considering the pluses and the minuses, I would like to our men come home.

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The Afghan area has been historically taken over by outsiders for centuries. The people are used to outwaiting the attempted conquerors.

They are very much keep to themselves and keep their culture in the face of invasion.

No, I don’t think we have a chance against that.

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Afghans tend not to warm to the idea of American soliders killing civilians for sport. I know these alleged murderers are in a minority, but you have to question the attitude of the entire US mission that allowed these people to think they could get away with it. Indeed, there was no investigation at all into the deaths during the four-month killing spree, they were only caught because of a coincidental investigation into cannabis use by troops, which isn’t a set of investigative priorities to encourage the locals.

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To go back to the beginning I felt that after 9/11 we had to invade Afghanistan to get rid of the Taliban regime but what have we done since? It seems we have made a terrible mess of an opportunity to help the people of that country. Our efforts seem entirely military, endlessly dropping bombs and missiles with the inevitable civilian casualties. We have already been defeated, no matter how many people we kill we can no longer win.

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Um, that just feels off, to me – I don’t have trust in the U.S. in Afghanistan. I never thought Aghanistan needed to prove something to us, quite the contrary.

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