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What makes the best first date?

Asked by klutzaroo (4716points) December 9th, 2010

What do you think people should do? Why? How long should it be? How do you make it special without being a dork? Who should plan it?

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Probably the best first dates (and most memorable) are when something goes wrong. It provides an opportunity to see how each person handles stress. Please don’t get me wrong though…I’m not suggesting creating some type of disaster in order to create this scenario.

Otherwise, there probably aren’t any tried and true guidelines for a successful first date. Maybe keep it short and simple? If the chemistry is there, it can always be extended or followed up with a Part 2.

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I wouldn’t really know it’s been that long :-(

But! I imagine simply a drink or two at a local bar i.e. a bit of dutch courage… or if you’re braver than me and don’t need those types of crutches… a coffee house…short, sweet, no pressure…after all they say that you make up your mind about someone in the first three sesonds… or something like that

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Know you date well enough so you can plan a little something that will make them feel special and you gotta go for the laughs. If you aren’t laughing it up at some point on the date, there will be no best first date! Having fun is what makes all dates memorable.

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I’m a big fan of anything that includes walking outside. If you’re sitting and talking both parties can get nervous or bored (I personally tear up napkins or something) and it might not show both parties in their best light. If you’re walking you can talk, but you don’t have to look at each other, and there is outside stimulus to discuss if conversation lulls.

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I like @sliceswiththings idea of being outside. I’m a big fan of anything involving nature. If the weather is decent, a picnic in a park, or some beautiful location, would be ideal to me. It provides you with the opportunity to talk and watch the world around you. Bonus points if it’s near water and around sunset.

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Plan on the activities for your date. the key is to be yourself. you will be nervous, that is to be expected. i was. remember to wear extra deodorant. nothing worse than BO on the first date. its a complete turnoff….big time.

One other very important item is bad breath. carry mints or whatever does it for you for bad breath. cleanliness is next to Godliness. take two showers, if you have to.

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@sliceswiththings But its colder than shit right now! Literally, if you take the average temperature of shit, even if its been excreted for a while, it is much colder than shit! You want me to go outside?!? And stay there?!?!?

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@klutzaroo Hey, when it’s cold it increases your chances of holding hands:)

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@klutzaroo Some of us enjoy being outside in the cold!

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@free_fallin Its a good thing that I don’t have balls. Because if I did… I wouldn’t have them for much longer. They’d be frozen off. :P

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Totally hypothetical, as I have only had one first date in my life, and not dates for thirty years, I would ask her if she liked jazz. If she didn’t, there would be no first date. Otherwise I would take her to a jazz club for dinner and drinks, not necessarily in that order.

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I agree with @Simone_De_Beauvoir and it has to be over the same things that cause the laughter. I have no interest in potty humor…it’s a deal-breaker. Nor does sarcasm…it makes me cringe. Show a bit of intellectual humor, or better yet, one who can joke good-naturedly about themself, and you have me hooked.

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No movies, no place where you can’t actually talk.

We just went to dinner and talked and talked and talked. Laughed a lot, drank a good cold beer and had a great time. We didn’t even know if each other smoked (which we both feared the other did, neither of us smoke). Everything about it was so unplanned, it was great.

Neither person dominated the conversation. It seemed to be an even give and take. It just was a great date. That’s why we’re married.

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