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What vehicle/s that you've never driven would you love to, given the oppurtunity?

Asked by ucme (45421points) December 11th, 2010

Make that driven or piloted, skippered. Basically you’re in control of, behind the wheel so to speak. Anything goes for this one, be it a particular make of car or bike or an extreme example like maybe a tank or helicopter. No limits to your transport controlling imaginations. Hell who knows, perhaps you wouldn’t mind piloting the space shuttle! I dunno see, that’s why i’m asking =)

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Anything faster than my Pontiac, because there are too many to list.

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I loved my Nissan Maxima so I would like to drive an Infiniti.

I have also driven cabin cruisers so I would love to skipper a large ship.

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Cruise ship.
Boeing 747.
Nuclear Submarine.
Starship Enterprise.
Eurostar Train.

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A Porsche 911

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A classic Jaguar and, my ultimate fantasy fun car, a Nash Metropolitan.

I DID get a ride in a Cobra once, on a racetrack. FUN!

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I would love to drive a working version of the Mac 5… complete with saw blades and submarine functionality intact.

If that’s unrealistic, then the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile or original Batmobile would do.

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A steam train.

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Fast moving 2 man tank from WWll

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@Lightlyseared – Just don’t forget to turn your exhaust blower on before you enter a tunnel… I killed myself in MSTS so many times by forgetting that detail whilst driving the Flying Scotsman or the Orient Express…

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I want a full-sized battle bot
Rush hour traffic would be so much fun.

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The list is nearly endless.

A stagecoach
The Queen Mary 2
An Apollo spacecraft
A 12-meter yacht
An unlimited hydrofoil racer
Gypsy Moth IV or Tinkerbelle or Yankee Girl
The French TGV train
A subway train
A Cat 8 bulldozer
A few of these things

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SR – 71 Blackbird, first at 3,000 ft above ground level, then at 80,000 plus feet!

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@ucme I Don’t even have to think about it, my dream vehicle was, is, and always will be this in my dreams I’m in the passenger seat though, being driven by the wonderful Mr Thaw, tragically though now sadly gathered from this world. I’ll be a Morse fan till the day I die, there still isn’t a drama on screen to match it, although Lewis just ooooozes quality (and a glorious soundtrack by Barrington Pheloung) and comes really close, I may be a little biased though :-)
huggles xx

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one of those machines that transports space shuttle take off pads. or whatever….i saw it on dirty jobs. it’s called a “crawler” i think. it goes 1 mph.

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@bunnygrl I’m sure you’d look like a cool cat behind the wheel of that, well….cool cat! :¬)
@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard With you on the Jeep. I want one soooooo badly I can taste the damn thing.

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@ucme, I’m planning on getting a Jeep like this as soon as I save up enough money, but there was a guy in my area who was selling a Willys Jeep from the Korean War like the one in the other picture for $300. It needed a ton of work, though, but that would have been awesome.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Now that’s what I call a bargain! I mean they just ooze ubercoolness in spades.

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@ucme I still have a jigsaw upstairs which is an art drawing of Morse and Lewis standing talking to a mechanic at a garage, with the Jaguar nearby of course. The image is really stunning and made all the nicer by the fact that the mechanic in his overalls is clearly Colin Dexter, creator of Morse, who famously had a Hitchcock like cameo in all of the episodes. I met him once during a promotional tour for the last ever Morse novel, he is just the sweetest, loveliest man, and I was lucky enough to be able to chat to him for a while. Talk about dreams come true lol, I was a happy, happy bunny.

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Landrover Defender 110

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I want one….. :-/

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@Scooby, there’s a guy in my town that has one… His is painted white with zebra stripes on it, and it has a cable winch. I want it soooo bad!

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The Zamboni for a Stanley cup game

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Captain Nemo’s submarine

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We should nick it for a joy ride!! :-/
You in?? ;-)

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@coffeenut – Yes! The original batmobile from the TV show was the best one!

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lucillelucillelucille’s Corvair! ;)

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Just a starship, one capable of reaching other galaxies.

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@Cruiser Oh yeah, I hear she’s a very good ride…....ahem, err…the car I mean! Phew, got away with that one, just :¬)

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I’d have fun on an open course, driving something that’s super fast. Anything really, I just love the speed.

I also miss my old Toyota MR2, so I’d have fun driving an MR2 Spyder around town.

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Model A or T Truck. If there is such a thing.

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In no particular order:

Aston Martin DB9/DBR9
Ferrari 458 Italia
Ferrari Daytona
Bugatti Veyron
Audi R8 V10
Volkswagen Scirocco R
Aston Martin DB4 Zagato
Jaguar E-Type
Jaguar XF-R
Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III (1971)
Ariel Atom
Porsche 911 GT3
Porsche Carrera GT
Ford FPV F6
Mazda RX-7 Series 8
Koenigsegg Agera
Zenvo ST-1
Audi Quattro
Ford RS200 (the group B rally car, not the RS2000)
McLaren F1
Ascari A10

Given time I would think of more, but this will do for now.

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@ucme, fo sho!

The Ford Nucleon would be pretty rad if it were actually produced.

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Saleen S7
Every variant of the Shelby GT 500
M1A2 Abrams
Leopard 2
Challenger 2
AH-64 Apache
Ford Model T
Ford Model A
Shelby Cobra
Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte
Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster
M109A6 Paladin

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I would like a ride on a raft like Huckleberry Finn:)

@Cruiser -Just don’t tell me to slow down!...and no screaming either! XD

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I was going to say that nucleon wasn’t a word if I didn’t decide to Google it before looking like an asshat.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – Ah, the Ford Nucleon… Have an accident, kill everyone in the neighborhood. “Excellent!” says Mr. Burns.

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@Winters Dang it! I have a pic of me driving a Shelby! I’ll find it one of these days and post it for you…..

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I also wanted the big rig out of the film DUAL with Dennis Weaver.

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@Scooby Duel remains one of my fave ever films. Just thought i’d mention that in passing,

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Me too! forgive the spelling!! :-/

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@Scooby Nee botha man.

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