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If you could customise the horn sound on your car, what would you replace it with?

Asked by ucme (46640points) July 12th, 2010

Leaving legal repercussions to one side, seeing as though we’re playing let’s pretend here. So yeah, what if anything would you choose to replace the blaring horn? A voice a piece of music something personal to you. Or anything funny or just damn scary, “outta my way scumbag” maybe along those lines. Or maybe as it happens you’re perfectly content with the old beep beep, I dunno! Humour, as always is appreciated. Answers on a postcard please or preferably here if you wish, less fuss you see.

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Ice cram truck bells.

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The theme from Jaws.

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A sample of “Macho Man” by The Village People. That should make people get out of the way, toot sweet.

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“Beep beep, beep beep, yeah!”

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The sound of a crying baby.

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Some kind of machine gun sound.

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A loud male opera singer’s note.

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I drive a Saab Wagon, it’d be cool to replace the horn with the sound of an engine from a 69 Chevelle SS.

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The sound of a bleating sheep! ;-)

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The Sanford and Son theme song.

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A goose honk!


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The sound of a Fender Strat fed through a Wah Wah peddle into a Marshal Stack!

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Exclamations in the voice of Lil Jon.

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My mother-in-laws screeching loud voice.

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Air horns from a freight train. They’re serious attention getters.

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My horn would be programmed with a baritone .wav that said: “Move out of the left lane, you slow, selfish, pointless fuck”.

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A frieght train.

Actually, I think I might when I get my car.

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Gojira’s roar.

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The full sound effects of a steam locomotive at maximum speed blowing its whistle loud.

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I have always wanted the “La Cucaracha” horn you sometimes hear in movies!

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“Hey, fuckwad! I’m driving here!”... at 120 decibels. Either that or some sort of weapons-grade sonic weapon.

After nearly getting creamed the other day by someone not paying attention and doing a lane-change even though they could’ve rolled down their window and opened my back door, and continuing despite my laying on the horn, I don’t know if sound is sufficient though, short of a window-shattering sonic boom.

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My parents had a friend from Texas with a big truck, Texas flags and a horn with 20 sound effects. @dynamicduo He had “La Cucaracha”!

Mine would say “Take this cigarette butt and shove it up your ass”.

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The mythical pants-crapping tune of Brown note. Of course, my car would have to be insulated against the sound.

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@Drawkward Holy cow good to see ya around.

I once heard the brown noise. It doesn’t give the effects that have been glamorized, but you can definitely tell when you’ve heard it.

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@boots I’m around from time to time.
Anyways, I never really believed that it had such power. Or at least I hoped it doesnt.

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I did, it now sounds like a bugling elk.

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the brown note.

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@ragingloli Around here, that would almost be redundant. At least once a day, someone in front of me does something that nearly accomplishes the same thing.

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