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Why do you think so many people choose names having to do with fluther?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) December 13th, 2010

It seems to me like there have been a rash of people choosing names with Fluther in them. In addition, it seems like I’ve seen several people with names saying that they have no name.

I’m wondering why this is, and I invite you to speculate about the trend. It makes me wonder if these are jellies we knew formerly by other names. Or people with no idea really what to call themselves (maybe they’ve never chosen a nickname before), so they do something to indicate they don’t really have a name.

So has anyone else noticed this trend? What do you think is going on?

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I had a few beers and thought I was being creative? :/

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Former jellies (my guess).

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Because they haven’t got an original bone in their body! Freedom of choice I guess :¬)

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Many of them are probably existing or returning members.
As for the ones who choose a derogatory name that includes Fluther… those are almost always disgruntled former members.

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And then there’s me.

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Yeah – I think there have been a rash of disgruntled and/or banned former members coming back under fluthernyms.

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As @ucme noted, lack of creativity.

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@bubby – fluthernyms – did you coin that? Lurve it.

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@seazen I did indeed bubbeleh.

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are there really that many? I can only think of a handful out of hundreds.

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Suppose the word Fluther has some sort of pride and honour that goes with it…..that could be a reason….I mean Flutheeeerrrrr. Try saying that about three times and see if you dont feel a sence of power flowing through you…..Flutheeerrrrr….whoo

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