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Lots of new jellies lately - care to take a minute to explain your choice of user-name and avatar?

Asked by zensky (13367points) November 26th, 2011
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Also, what made you want to come to Fluther / how did you even find out about this place?

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I haven’t gotten around to changing my avatar yet, but my username, phoebsshmeebs, is because my name is Phoebe. People tend to call me Phoebs, and somehow, that turned into Phoebs Shmeebs. I don’t know how that even came about, really.

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Welcome to the lagoon @phoebsshmeebs.

How did you find us?

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@cprevit Thank you! I used to use Yahoo Answers ocassionally but the people there are never helpful and can be extremely rude. A friend of mine told me about this website and said it was much more helpful than Y!A, and so far, that’s very true. :)

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dang it @zensky. took my question…
Welcome to Fluther! Hope you enjoy the insanity togetherness of Fluther!
nekkid pancake party time!

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GQ. I love hearing about jellies names and avatars.

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Welcome, new jellies!

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@phoebsshmeebs: Yes, here in the lagoon we are often helpful and rarely rude.

We are however…funky.

uh, everybody dance now!

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I’m not a brand new jelly baby but I like this question and wanted to answer. :)

My name meego is because my dad always used to say to my mom “wherever you go me go”.

My avatar is me.

I found fluther because I googled a question about the loss of my husband.

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Yay! Another cheery hooray for newbies thread! Yeah, we are lovely here, ‘cept when we’re not then @augustlan brings out her whip and we behave again. Welcome, all!

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Do a little dance, get down tonight..

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make a little love, then get down tonight. Get down tonight.

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Do a little dance then make a little love then get down tonight.

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If you called me John on the street I would not respond since it is not my name. I’m a huge asshole so using a picture of a flower seems appropriate.

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I’m not new, but my new avatar is the sign language representation for “F” and “Fluther” upside-down, with Dr. J’s glasses/smile added.

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Gives @linguaphile a huge welcome back hug.

I was given my name by some now mostly former jellies. We had a big chat in the chat room about what my new name should be. I like it. It does actually connect in with my real name too and I can be a bit of a witch!

I came here asking about demolition sites.

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Welcome To Fluther everyone. :)
<—That’s my face.
And AshLeigh is my name.
Explained. :D

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My name isn’t wilma and I love tree-houses.

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@Bellatrix Thank you and hugs back!!

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I’m not new either but my name is Leanne and I was born in 1986. My current avatar is a picture of Patti Russo as Killer Queen in We Will Rock You.

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I too am an oldie but a goodie. Been here almost 2 years this coming March.
My username is the town I live in and todays avatar is of me and my old, beloved, Himalayan cat “Gadwicke” and our last picture together before he passed away in May of 2010.

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I am the Dutchess of Kansas. Nuff said.
I choose my avatar, at the moment, of a black squirrel because we have one living on the 5 acres we bought. I gave it a title to let @Coloma (when she was a cougar—yesterday) that I am not to be trifled with!

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Aww a cougar eating squirrel. Nice @Dutchess_III.

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It’s a lol squirrel!

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I’m also kind of a long timer and also kind of long-winded. My user name was nom de plume I had hanging around in my head from something I won’t really go into. It’s sort of an “analogue” of my real name. One night about 4 years ago, I stumbled onto, a similar site I was on previously, now defunct, and just registered under that name, lillycoyote, not really expecting to be on the site very long at all. Well, that wasn’t the case and I have been lillycoyote on line ever since. I might have chosen something else if I thought it would become permanent. I know people change their user names here all the time but at this point it would be as difficult for me to change my user name as it would be to change my real name.

My avatar is my own design, from when I was dabbling in graphic art a bit, and I chose this one because it is bright and colorful and easy to spot on a long thread. I like to be able to recognize myself quicly. :-) Most sites I switch my avatar around but here I use the same one 99% of the time.

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@lillycoyote is a PERFECT name for you, dear. And I remember when you were flying an “avatarp.” An ugly, blue, plastic one!

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@johnpowell If you’re a huge asshole why not a picture of goatse?

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I’m KateTheGreat. My name is Kate and that’s just what people call me.

I just picked my avatar because it’s just too friggin’ cute.

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I’m also not super new..just a little new. I found Fluther when searching for something on Google (can’t remember what now) and stuck around consistently after Auggie and some other kind jellies shared their experiences with a surgery I was about to undergo. Their help was invaluable, and I found them and other jellies to be oh so interesting, thought provoking and often thoughtful…and so I’ve stuck around.
My avatar doesn’t change (ever really)..though I admire @Coloma and @Dutchess_III and others who make me laugh with their avatar edits.. My avatar is from Natalie Dee. I adore her humor..maybe because we share Central Ohio roots.

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@Dutchess_III I am so trifling with you. Take that!

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It’s my name, yall! ORLY?!

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I got bounced over here from a vegetarian cooking site. I am not a mother even though there’s a mom in my name, but I love to cook and I especially love spicy Indian food, hence Kardamom (the K is to make it my own, the real spice is spelled cardamom). I saw this gorgeous yellow crookneck squash at our local fair and I couldn’t resist it so I took a photo and I’ve used it ever since. I’m not one to change my avatar, it makes me nervous.

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I’m in avatar change mode now. It’ll keep morphing until I find something that I want to look at for a few weeks. lol

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@Coloma…oooooh pretttty!!

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Hello ,I’m only sort of new, signed up some time ago, but getting into it a bit more now.Somebody on Y!A suggested fluther,it sounded like a good idea , so here i am !! my avatar will likely change often, because i can,I love the present one of Anubis, stunning simplicity and she reminds me of my little dog, I think they may be related…and roxanna…well.. inspired by my dogs name ..nuff said .

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@Coloma…it looks like a Ronald McDonald wig! .... Lilly trifled with me, now, I trifle with YOU!

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Tuts@Dutchess… @Coloma‘s avatar looks exceedingly Christmassy to me.

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You’re all trifling with me at the same time. Not fair!

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Trifle, trifle.

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I love trifle. Just sayin’

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You knew this was coming

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I bet you didn’t see this one coming though.

I’m still trifling with you, @Dutchess_III. Again, take that! You are to be trifled with!

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@lillycoyote I loved his voice : )

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@Kardamom Me too! It’s kind of an odd 23 seconds, but he has a great voice and a great accent and it was trifle related. Actually, it’s maybe even kind self-reflexive, as trifle can mean a literary, musical, or artistic work of a light or trivial character having no great or lasting merit; so it’s kind of a little trifle about a trifle.

If @Dutchess_III thinks she is not to be trifled with, I believe we have more than proven her wrong! :-)

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I dipped out on the free Christmas lunch at work today because a meeting ran on! I didn’t get any dessert and now I want trifle!

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JPs real name is Hugh G. A. Hole? I think I read his response too fast.

For the record I am Sueanne and I am tremendous. I am not a newbie having been here since May of 08 but I haven’t been around much so I guess I am a newbie to the newest newbies.)

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Well, what you have done FRIENDS is WRECKED my diet! I’ve put on 10 pounds since the first trifling!

But now I’m getting even…TRUFFLE ATTACK!!

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Im practical and I like things simple and uncomplicated. I’m a country girl. I like things that are low maintenance. As for the avatar, i have no idea, it just appeared.

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If you’d like to learn how to change it – PM me. @Countrybumkin

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My avatar is now actually me. My name VS is just initials for my normal internet name which is very secretive.

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