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Does Pat Benatar have braces in the "we belong" video?

Asked by Lorenita (732points) December 15th, 2010

Just Curious.. I was just watching the video and it seems like she does.. hmmm

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I can’t see any braces:

Good classic rock song, BTW :-)

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When I first read your question I thought “Yes! She does!” But then I watched the video.
Doesn’t seem like she has braces, although she could probably have used them!

I Googled “Pat Benatar’s teeth” to see if I could find out whether she ever had braces. The first match from said “Pat Benatar hit the late ‘70s rock scene like a teeth-and-spandex tornado”. I just had to share that because it’s so fantastic.

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jajajajajajajaja I’m so sure she has braces!!! or .. maybe ‘im just drunk but there’s something there!! look closely!!!!

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Naw, her mouth’s always had a little extra jowl. She’s one of the coolest rocker chicks!

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