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Where is the center of art? music? writing? these days?

Asked by skfinkel (13537points) January 10th, 2007
There are always places where the artists congregate--where in the world are they going now?
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isn't New York City the center of the creative universe?
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most large cities but NYC is the center of the universe.
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i hear chicago's got a lot of hot shit going on.
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the visual art scene in the state shas been spreading out increasingly since the 1990s..its (sadly) not just New York anymore. LA has a really thriving scene in terms of the amount of artists and galleries. New York is still of course pretty central to the visual arts industry, but its gotten too hard for actual artists to live there so many have moved to philadelphia, which has a nice selection of artist-run spaces. On the other side of the Atlantic, its London. The frieze art fair has put London on the map in a way it never was before.
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i've heard berlin is where it's at.
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but it also depends what you want. music? nashville, austin. modern dance? sf. you know?
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Here are the Leads..
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USA - Portland, Austin, NYC, San Francisco
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Also the british Isles are huge again, UK, Scotland and Iceland.
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I used to live near Chicago, and now that I don’t, I realize how very many great things were – and are – going on there.

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berlin, brooklyn, montreal, london, austin, sf, and more and more los angeles is where people think art is happening –
but the internet is where it’s at for realsies.

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Portland Oregon, NYC, London, Berlin, Rio Brazil, Sante Fe NM, Sodona AZ, Rome, Milan, Madrid

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Thanks all for the answers. Interesting places, each one.

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