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Am I a prude or what?

Asked by seazen (6113points) December 16th, 2010

I won’t have sex for sex’ sake.

I won’t have club bathroom, what’syername again, spontaneous sex. I won’t even have sex with someone who I have just met on a date.

What the fuck’s wrong with me? I’m, like, a guy. I should know better than to turn down sex.

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Actually, studies have shown you’re pretty normal. Once guys realize that sex is better with someone you know, care about, and have a relationship of some kind with is drastically better, they wait for that. So mostly, you’re just wise – especially since the chances of getting AIDS tends to go up in those zipless fucks.

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There is nothing wrong with you. You are no longer a teenager. You are now a mature adult. Sex isn’t the same thing it used to be. Now, sex is an intimate act, that you want only after knowing someone for more than one or two dates. That’s a good thing.

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@papayalily Extra points for the Erica Jong refereance. Just saying.

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I’m going with “or what.”

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I’d do @wundayatta in a New York minute. Just saying. (But then, I know him – so it doesn’t count.)

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@seazen Know him like in real life, or know him like Adam knew Eve? And possibly Steve, and maybe even a moose?

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@papayalily I was Captain Picard’s best friend in kindergarten. And no, it wasn’t a Waldorf school! ;-)

Gotta wonder what people reading this in two years will think. Well, it should be deliciously obscure! It is the innest of self-referential innesses.

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Yeah. There’s not the urgency to “release the hounds” that you have in the Paradise By the Dashboard Lights days.
At least half of good sex is great communication.

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@seazen I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to turn in your men’s association card, pending further investigation.

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@bob_ Made me laugh for real. Thanks!

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Guess that makes two of us, Zen.

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You need a new pair of beer goggles @seazen! ;O

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Hmm.. I don’t know.. isn’t that a good thing? Hahha.. I won’t have any of that either..

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You know you’re not.

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I wouldn’t do that either. I mean, there are times when I definitely feel like I could do that because I haven’t done anything in a while, but I’d much prefer it be with someone I’m in a relationship with…

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I won’t fuck anyone I don’t know like the palm of my hand.

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I don’t think so.

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@ratboy You are as eloquent as you are entertaining.

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I don’t think you are….so there! :)

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Hey, I’m with you. I want her to respect me in the morning.
I have always been this way. In younger days I turned down a tryst in the tub room, and a nearby bedroom. I’m glad.
<— Never had a one night stand.

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As long as the deserving lady has a really, really, good time, no. As someone else mentioned, when you get older you get zipped, not zipless. Plus the HIV and herpes things are kind of a drag.

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@worriedguy You may add the _ to your name and join bob_ and me in the fraternity of _.


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Guess it comes down to compartmentalizing…those who are able to can enjoy a meaningless fling, while also being on the lookout for a meaningful relationship. Why not make up your mind to stop being a prude? You will probably have more eventful experiences in your life. Its fun to have a random romp with someone, without the intention of follow up dates or a serious relationship. And sometimes, those romps do turn out to be serious relationships.

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