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What do I actually do when I sell my car?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) December 17th, 2010

I’m selling my first car soon, possibly tonight. When I bought it the person signed something (the title?) and I think gave me a handwritten bill of sale. I have the title. The car is no longer insured but was until recently.

Once the buyer hands me the money, what do I actually hand over besides the keys? Just the title? I’m clueless, help me!

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Yes, just sign the title over to him and hand him the keys along with a bill of sale just to cover your butt…that is what I did when I sold my car.

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”# Sold! Once you have negotiated an agreeable price, it’s time to accept payment for the car. It’s usually best to insist that the buyer pay with cash or a guaranteed check such as a cashier’s check.
# Get the paperwork right: The requirements for each state vary slightly, so check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to determine what documents are required when you sell your car to another person. Generally, this consists of a state-issued bill of sale and title transfer.

Don’t forget to take your license plate off the car before the new owner drives off. License plates are generally non-transferable, and it’s the buyer’s responsibility to obtain a new license plate for the vehicle. Check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to verify the license plate requirements.

Finally, contact your insurance company or agent to remove the car from your policy. If you bought another car, you can add it to your insurance policy at the same time you remove the car you just sold. ”


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Make sure the bill of sale lists any warranty or defects that are required by the state you live in. Check the odometer and list the mileage on the bill of sale, some states need it listed on the title also.

If it is sold as is, make sure that is listed too.

Keep a photocopy of what you give him, just so you have it if you ever need to go to court.

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You should really state where you are in the world and not just assume that the world is the USA or wherever you may be.

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I am in Kansas, USA. If I don’t need the license plate is it okay to leave them on there or would it come back to me if they got in an accident or something?

What should the bill of sale say? How do I sign over the title – put my signature on it? Is there a special place it needs to be? I am a complete ignoramus in this area.

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Need the licance plate or not….keep it…or destroy it…if something happens it’s your ass.

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Check with the DMV in Kansas. Some states, the license stays with the vehicle. Other states the license stays with the person that acquired it.

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In California, you have to have a current smog test, and send the sold part of the Pink Slip to the DMV with the name, address and selling price of the car. The State then sends them a tax bill. If you don’t send the form in, you will remain the registered owner and you can be blamed for any trouble the car gets into after you sold it.

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You should call your state DMV and find out what paperwork is necessary to sell and then transfer title to the new owner. Here is a link that will give you an overview of what is required by your state. It is very important that you process the proper paperwork in a sale as far as your state is concerned and as far as your insurance carrier is concerned. You really need to contact your state DMV to make sure you have all your ducks in a row here because the law, requirements and procedures, processes and paperwork can vary greatly from state to state. You just want to keep yourself out of trouble. Don’t we all?

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As per me, you should first check the value of your car in used market before selling, so that will you will actually know how much money you will earn from the buyer instead of bargaining.

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