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What was the longest time you spent awake?

Asked by MikeMcG (53points) April 7th, 2008

In hours, what is the longest you’ve been awake?

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With drugs or without?

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low forties

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27ish i think.

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70 hours and I was seeing things and no had not taken any drugs.

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40, no drugs except caffeine

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gooch: yea, after a while your mind/eyes start to mess with you.

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82 hours. Clean.

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I don’t exactly know. But it was over 48 and involved multiple viewings of The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles.

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About 7 or 8 days at a time, on numerous occasions, and this was with “help”! Those days are in the past!

I would also like to add that I never hallucinated, or any crazy stuff like that.

I don’t want to comment any further than that.

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about 60 hours during exam week one semester in college. By my last test I was seeing and hearing things.

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50 some hours… Las Vegas will do that to you

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After one sleepless night I start getting twitchy and doing things like blink a lot.

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@bulbatron9 you never hallucinated because you werent taking the good drugs lol ^_^

When i was younger every summer i used to see how long i could stay awake and would just play video games and drink soda. Ive gone just past 3 days. After about 36 or so hours things begin to get strange for me. You start seeing things out of the corner of your eye and hear all kinds of weird stuff.

I remember the one time i did this when i finaly decided to go to bed it was around 12am . When i woke up i looked at the clock and saw it was 8 o clock. When i went downstairs for breakfast my mom asked me how i slept.i told her i felt great off of only 8 hours rest. She then told me that i had actually slept 32 hours and missed a whole day because i was sleeping.

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48 hrs!!!!!!!!
i didnt have anything nd i stayed up!!!!

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76 hours in grad school-finishing sound mixes for three film projects; had a Mountain Dew IV drip-no other “help” was definitely a “loopy” experience…aah, to be young again…

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90 or more without caffiene. It was at camp and we would do crazy stuff to each other and had to watch our backs

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72 hours hacking, clean
not anymore.

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I’ve heard that for every 24 hrs of being away, it’s like drinking one beer. Is this true?

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I would say no because theres some craziness going on by hour 48 and i dont know about you but im barley feeling anything after 2 beers.

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I’m working on 40 hours right now and counting! (as of 11:22PM central.)

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40+ with the help of MDMA.

Those days are long gone.

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@Patrick Bateman

Isnt it ridiculous how impossible it is to fall asleep on MDMA? Your tired, you know your tired, but your up.

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Hmm…I’m just awake because I’m working. And the only stimulant I’m on is fear of not finishing my presentation in time. (41 hours now.)

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@brownlemur Get off fluther, if you want to finish that presentation, but I do enjoy your company!

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like 31 hrs in Las Vegas no drugs. Playing

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30-ish hours finishing a 30 page art analysis paper and then stumbling through French class (apparently I did well in class). After that I promptly went back to my dorm room and napped until midnight.

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3 days straight on pure adrenalin, when I moved to united states 15 years ago. When I got off the plane plus when I was leaving Russia

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77 hours straight at a metal festival. Couldn’t sleep i’d get really tired and get ready to sleep and bam random energy so id go back to the stages and party some more.

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72 hours, and it’s not something I would ever want to repeat!

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Over 96, wednesday to sunday, complete drinking bender.. no drugs.
We didn’t know what day it was by saturday, I had a very slow reaction time to anything, and it took us until the following wednesday to get back to normal

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About 22 days. I have extreme insomnia and can ushually go 4–5 days before I start to feel drowsy. I don’t do drugs, not even cafine. But I will experience stuff in slow motion.

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only managed 46hrs without a nap ( in my teens)

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72. Had a hard time getting acquainted with Ritalin.

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