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So, what are the "Unofficial" Guidlines of Fluther?

Asked by coffeenut (6171points) December 18th, 2010

So I joined Fluther December 9th, 2008, I’ve only asked “officially” 33 questions, and answered “officially” 329 questions
During my time here I’ve noticed certain…..discrepancies with what the “Official Guidelines” say and what is “Enforced” by the Mods…

I am fine with Double-Standards and what ever other kind of crap you want on your website…but shouldn’t these things be added to the Guidelines page?

Eg: you can’t ask this type of question unless… have “this” amount of lurve”..., or it’s this time of year, or whatever

any communication I’ve had with the mods was Laughable at best, completely ignored at worst

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Oh? You noticed that too, eh?

Been there, done that. So get ready for all the regular members to deny it, stick up for the mods, and tell you to follow the guidelines and you won’t get modded…

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@HungryGuy ready and waiting..

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@coffeenut – Nah. Probably not. I’ve gained a little experience in what’ll get modded and what won’t. My first answer will probably get modded, but I think they’ll let your question stand. But, yeah, this whole topic was pretty much hashed to death about a year or so ago, and resulted in creating separate General and Social sections…

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This sounds like a rant rather than a question.

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What exactly do you have an issue with? Has this alleged double standard (I’m assuming you’re talking about silly questions that some members get away with because the mods are probably too tired or busy to deal with them and the questions contributed to the general feeling of cohesiveness of the group…like when @Jude asks about fluther cuddles and hugs and stuff) actually harmed you, in any way? Do you have anything new and of substance to contribute to the incessant asking of these kinds of thinly veiled whiny jabs at the mods and at Fluther because, if you’re ready and waiting, you can go and check out the meta section and others because it’s OOOOLD news. And good job on being like ‘oh well that’s what the response will be, har-di-har har so I guess anyone that says anything along those lines should be destroyed. Only people that agree with me are like totes cool and shit.’ Please.

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What exactly are your complaints, in specific, non-nebulous terms?

I’d be more than happy to address them if you send them to me in the form of a private message.

We try to be as fair and even-handed as possible with our moderation.

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Almost definitely not the point, but exactly what do you mean when you say you’ve asked questions “officially”? Have you asked and answered questions in some unofficial capacity?

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You can always take your marbles and go home.

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You don’t need to look for “unofficial” guidelines for why your last question was returned to you for editing. The “official” reason was explained when it was returned to you.

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@coffeenut – This will all end in tears. I just know it.

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Spelling, and be wary of typos. Like Guidelines.

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My neighbors have really pretty Christmas lights. They’re blinking.

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@seazen To be fair, a lot of browsers don’t spellcheck the title of the question because it’s only one line. Drives me nuts.

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Unofficial guidelines? Anyone with over 20000 lurve is apparently allowed to be an ass to anyone with under 3000 lurve when a question like this is asked. ugh

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Hang on a sec. Are you telling me you didn’t get your copy of “The Unofficial Guidelines for Jellyfish” in an unmarked box delivered by hand straight to your front door?


Hold on a sec. I’ll tell the mods. They’ll get right on it! :-)

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Unofficial guideline: don’t be a dick.

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@jonsblond I lurve you so much right now

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Unofficial guideline: don’t be a whiner.

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My dog has a new toy. He’s very happy.

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Oh, right, the question. Didn’t we do this 4 days ago?

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Banana error.

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@JilltheTooth Yeah, but we ask a LOT of questions at least once a week.
@Xena What’s that?? O.O

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Here is another one, two weeks ago. Pointing them out is relevant because the answer is always the same.

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Anytime you have a question about the guidelines regarding a specific issue, click on the contact button and explain. You will always receive an answer. In general, the mods don’t see every single entry, and many are left as is because no one complained.

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@JilltheTooth Ok, but then since this question contained almost no real answers, only links to other questions, then in a week when this gets asked again, you can only link to this one question or all the others – but not all of them including this one ;)

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@papayalily : But I’ve finally learned to link and it’s addictive and I can’t stop!

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The unofficial gidelines are “stop whining”.
Your punctuation in this question alone warrants it being pulled for editing;
1. Your use of capitals is incorrect and superfluous.
2. Use of ellipses is incorrect.
3. Missing period in second to last sentence.
4. Missing capital at beginning of last sentnce.
5. Erroneous capital in last sentence.
6. Missing period in last sentence.

Just saying, The writing standards are no tougher than college level classes and that really shouldn’t be a problem. If it is, you may need to add to your education.

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Oohhh! this is so funny. All the posts so far are right on (pro or con). So if you’re fine with the ‘Double-Standards’ don’t let anything or anyone on this site ruffle your feathers. I think at one point we all most of us has felt the wrath of Fluther.

I posted a question on Fluther and was immediately told “this question was asked within the last week”. That was bull, I had researched the question before posting. For whatever reason, I felt I was being picked on. Anyway, when I pointed it out to the Mod, they realized the question hadn’t been asked, but just so they wouldn’t be totally in the wrong, it was suggested I change the wording of the title to their liking. So I changed the wording to reflect theirs and mine. I don’t know if that’s why the post received 9 GA’s and is still getting answers.
I said all that to say, just go with the flow, it will eventually get better and you will find your niche in this great sea of jellies;-)

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Having flannel sheets is like sleeping with bunnies.

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@JilltheTooth Um, no, sleeping with bunnies is like sleeping with bunnies. There is just no equivalent to it except maybe other animals. Flannel is not an animal.

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Ok, to clear one thing….This question is about updating the guidelines page…to include more information on what is acceptable… and what outside influence that make unacceptable acceptable…not the moderation of the site

Because the fist thing posted on a new wrong question is usually “check the guidelines page” more information is always helpful, now you may not see anything “wrong” with this site….but that doesn’t mean it’s not there…

In the 2 years I’ve been on this site I can easily link 100+ questions that fall into the focus of this question. But it wouldn’t do any good because I can’t link the questions that are the same but are not there… It is VERY CLEAR of the “differences” between some questions/answers versus others…..This is based on 99.99% observation and .01% personal experience..

I understand that you people love this site…a lot, and it’s hard to read what people with negative things they have to say….but the way you reacted to my question is pathetic at best… and I find it hard to give you any respect….at all not that my opinion matters anyway

and “unofficial” Q/A are the ones that were modded

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“and I find it hard to give you any respect”

Then leave.

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@coffeenut Well, it is important to note that the modding changed about a year ago (ish? I’m not great with time…) – before then, it was really very uneven (by the mods own admission) for various reasons.

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@psychocandy Well, not every user on Fluther answered my question….a certain way. so there are still a lot of people on this site(and in this question) that I have respect for….

So….leave because of you…lol

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[mod says] First of all, flame off, people! There’s no need to make this so personal.

Now, to address your actual question. About the only unofficial guideline I can think of is that we allow 10k and multiples of 10k lurve milestone celebrations, but none for any other number.

Regarding why your question was removed, we have never allowed people to post ‘questions’ that are essentially “Look at this cool link/picture/video!”, or that are essentially jokes. (Your question was a bit of both.) I think the Question Guidelines cover that by specifically mentioning that questions should be genuine and should not be jokes. Now, that’s not to say that it doesn’t happen… we don’t see everything, and if no one flags it, it can slip by us. We’re only human, after all.

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@augustlan I love it when you break out the whip. So sexy! :D

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@coffeenut You have been here a year longer than me and not that it matters…have 1/10 the lurve I collected. The truth is none of it really matters. All that does matter is the questions and the answers. As you can see and @jonsblond can see there are certain factions here that feel the need to be part of the “controlling” element of this place but injecting unwarranted, unsolicited personal attacks. AFAICT….all part of the territory and where a thicker layer of skin comes in handy. For me personally, it is water off a ducks back as without people expressing their “opinions” this place would be a dull dry exchange of meaningless facts!! Fluther as I have come to see it is all about the people who do share knowledge, and opinions in all their good, bad and ugly glory! And now and then, we can kick out some fun and humorous exchanges that make a few people smile.

Good question BTW!! ;) +6

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lol… @augustlan How do you miss a question that YOU personally answered???

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@coffeenut Can you send me a link to what you’re talking about, specifically?

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@AmWiser Regarding the title change where you said “just so they wouldn’t be totally in the wrong, it was suggested I change the wording of the title to their liking. So I changed the wording to reflect theirs and mine”

Your title “The Jelly below me…” was not a question and did not reflect what you were asking. It would have been pushed to you to edit on it’s own. Any of the moderators would have pushed it on sight.

I suggested a change to help you not because I did not want to appear “wrong”.

1. We mod without our name attached so why would we be worried about saving face?

2. Even without a face I take responsibility when I err. I have no problem with being wrong and am just human. Thus even without my name attached I have no problem correcting and admitting errors.

So I am sorry if my suggesting a possible fix offended you. It was merely an example to get your question restored faster. When possible we do try to be helpful and take the time to suggest. I cannot promise one of us will not make a suggestion to you in the future but please if they do try not to take it personally.

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@Dog I appreciate the explanation. No hard feelings;-)

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@AmWiser Heck no! I am sorry my intent was misunderstood. :)

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@JilltheTooth – your answers were the best part of this entire exchange, heheheh, thanks for the giggles.

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