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Do you ever have days where you feel mentally high? (without intentional use of drugs)

Asked by tapestryofregret (446points) December 18th, 2010

I’ve asked my friends and family the same question more or less and of those responses it seems to be somewhat of an even divide between yes and no.

I definitely do experience these days. All my life I have sought to figure out what causes this, with very limited success. On these days I find myself much more adept at thinking critically, with heightened senses and reactions.

Does anyone else experience this? Have you figured out how to make it happen?

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I am able to put myself there by working out in the morning, but not just any work out will do.. it has to be just the right kind of interval training of cardio and strength training at the same time (IE: throwing a weighted ball and then running to get it) by doing that I give myself the greatest natural buzz.. I think clear, I have so much energy through out the day.

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Interesting. I will try this. I’ve never got in the habit of working out. My physique can be paralleled with Daniel Tosh, from the show Tosh.0. Tall white guy, average build, high metabolism. Working-out seems to bring more pain than anything for me, with no real results. But now that I’m older and my metabolism seems to be slowing down, maybe it will be different.

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Usually when I got a good night of sleep, but that’s not common, and was much more intense when I was little.
Comparing the magnitude of being high from drug use and what that does though, I’d have to say no.

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In the mornings when I skipped breakfast, I get a really bad pain in my stomach and I feel a temporary highness in my brain.

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I have experienced it, but not found a way to replicate it. It is usually when I am “in flow” with work and with the world.

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For me it has a lot to do with how well I’ve slept. Exercising – a good fast walk – helps too.

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All the time. Sex does that for me sometimes and strangely so does eating particular foods.

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Yes, on average I’d say about twice a week at least. Flow is a great feeling.

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Yes, it’s usually the days when I have a meeting of my peer-run group on queer theory; getting with intelligent people makes me high.

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When I have a great day at work or when my ideas to help some of the industrial equipment I work with (such as circuit improvements, equipment modifications, etc) run better, be more proficient or help the other maintenance guys jobs easier. Especially when they thank you.

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They’re pretty few and far between, but I have had days like that.

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