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Why can't I listen to my Audacity project?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) December 19th, 2010

I recorded a session using Audacity, but before I could save it it blocked.
I had to reboot the system, so I did so being confident in the fact that Audacity allows recovering past unsaved projects.
I restarted Audacity and it in fact did recover it, I saved it, saved the multiple recordings and closed the application.
This was yesterday. Today I tried to listen to the recording (using audacious.. oh by the way my OS is Ubuntu)
but as it played no sound was to be heard.
So I then opened the project file (.aup extension) with Audacity and I did find all the recordings there, but the graph was a still flat line.
It played but there too was there no sound to be heard.
What must I do to recover the audio to my recordings?

.. desperate…

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Audacity saves in its own format, since it’s the music AND all of the little bits that make up the project. To get playable music out of it, you need to export the file. For that, you need to download an MP3 plugin – the program ought to tell you how when you go to do it.

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@Nullo yes.. I’ve done that and Ive been exporting recordings as mp3 files… but this time not even Audacity could read them properly: It didn’t play the audio in audacity.

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You don’t need the mp3 plugin to export as you can export as .wav just fine, and should do as the quality far exceeds mp3. If though you have tried to open the audacity project file (.aup) through audacity and you still get nothing then you may well be screwed. VLC player has in the past repaired broken .avi files for me, I don’t even know if VLC can play .aup files let alone repair them but you could give it a go.

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