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Top 10 movies?

Asked by TrkReznor (704points) December 22nd, 2010

I am looking for some good movies of any rating and genre. Even independent films if anybody knows any good ones.

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Transformers (1 & 2)
National Treasure
Funny Girl
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
Iron Man
27 Dresses

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The Sting
My Fair Lady
All About Eve
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
To Kill A Mockingbird
O Brother Where Art Thou?
Young Frankenstein
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
maybe Patton and Being There and Ponette…there are alot of them ;)

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No particular order here!
Big Labowski ( most anything by Joel and Ethan Coen)
The Truman Show
American Sweethearts
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Minority Report
Clerks ( Anything by Kevin Smith, except maybe Jersey Girl)
Pulp Fiction ( anything by Quentin Tarintino)
Proof Of Life
Requiem For a Dream ( although depressing anything by Darren Aronofsky is good)

I’m also going to say that you should definately look up some Buster Keaton Silent Films, they are all Great, he’s the best Stone Face! I suggest The General, Steamboat Bill Jr. and Sherlock Jr….
I could go on, so let me know if you need more! :) I have an extensive collection!

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Just Wright was good. I watched it the other night.

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1. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
3. The Fifth Element
4. Y Tu Mama Tambien
5. V for Vendetta
6. The Matrix
7. Underworld
8. Sin City
9. Chicago
10. Kill Bill

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Ooops, gotta throw in Hot Fuzzz, Shawn of the Dead and Run Fatboy Run, all are Hilarious!

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Sea Biscuit
Apollo 13

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The Labyrinth
The Princess Bride
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
El Mil Amores
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (both versions)
Shawn of the Dead
Little Miss Sunshine
A Christmas Story
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Dracula (the one with Bela Lugosi)

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1.Citizen Kane
3.The Best Years Of Our Lives
4.Raiders of the Lost Ark
5.Blade Runner
6.Apocalypse Now
8.Pulp Fiction
9.Fight Club
10.The Big Lebowski
11.The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
12.Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2
16.Jurassic Park
19.The Professional
20.The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
City Light
Safety Last
The Navigator
The General
Lawrence Of Arabia

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@filmfann (thanks for covering for me! I could only think of 2!)

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@Fairylover78 I loved Run, Fatboy, Run!

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Requiem for a Dream
City of God
The Machinist
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Best in Show
American History X
Mulholland Drive
Pan’s Labyrinth
Inglourious Basterds
Girl, Interrupted
Donnie Darko
Mystic River
21 Grams
The Descent
John Q.
Jesus Camp
Lake of Fire
The Cove

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My First Mister

Sense and Sensibility (With Emma Thompson)

Snow Cake


The Lion in Winter (with Kate Hepburn)


Goodnight Mr. Tom

Mrs. Henderson Presents

Rear Window

A Hard Day’s Night

Victor Victoria

Murphy’s Romance

Rueben Rueben

Romantic Comedy

Oliver Twist (with Ben Kingsley as Fagin—not a musical)

The mini series: Bleak House (from 2005)

The mini series: The Barchester Chronicles


The Young Sherlock Holmes (with Nicholas Rowe)

The Dot and the Line (a 1965 animated short by Chuck Jones—very beatnik graphics)


My Favorite Year

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Shawshank Redemption
Full Metal Jacket
Fight Club
Natural Born Killers
Dead Alive
The Green Mile
Repo! The Genetic Opera
Requiem For a Dream
Knocked Up (somehow it feels like that one doesn’t fit on my list…. haha.)

@noelleptc I love your list!

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@TheOnlyNeffie How could I have forgotten Shawshank Redemption!? I’ve seen that at least 20 times!

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Oh, I just thought of some others after re-reading everyone else’s lists.

What’s Up Doc (With Ryan O’Neal and Barbra Streisand)

Paper Moon

Anything with Laurel and Hardy

Anything by Alfred Hitchcock

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation

Dracula (the one with Frank Langella)

Being There

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Hoffman (with Peter Sellers)

The World’s Greatest Lover (with Gene Wilder)

Alfie (with Michael Caine)

Something’s Gotta Give

It’s Complicated

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1. The Princess Bride
2. Monty Python, Holy Grail
3. Gone with the Wind
4. Harry Potter series
5. LOTR trilogy
6. POTC trilogy
7. Passion of the Christ
8. Braveheart
9. Practical Magic
10. Wizard of Oz
10. The Sound of Music
10. Phantom of the Opera
10. Cats
10. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
10. Gladiator
10. The Patriot
10. The Last Samurai
10. Memoirs of a Geisha
10. Chocolate
10. A Time to Kill
10. The Fugitive

That’s just 10, right? Good.

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Wayyyyyyyy too many to mention! Seriously, i’d struggle with naming my top 50 let alone 10. Guaranteed to leave out some that I love & then i’d wind up feeling all gooey & sentimental over those i’d inadvertently left out. Stupid I know but going to have to pass, sorry!

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In no particular order:

Mermaids (the one with Cher)
The Elephant Man
Hairspray (2007)
Girl Interrupted
The Prince of Tides
Rain Man
How To Train Your Dragon
A Star Is Born (The Barbra Streisand one mainly but the original Judy Garland one is good too)

Can I have 11? I forgot Show Boat.

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@marinelife I know it was great! Hot Fuzz also gets 2 thumbs up from me if you haven’t seen it, you really should it is SO FUNNY!

So yeah, I stuck with 10 but I could go on all day with great movies… I have over 500, want me to name them all? ;) We don’t buy a movie unless it’s really good! ;) Shawshank redemption is also one of my favorites! Heck with it, here’s 10 more:

The Princess Bride ( love love love)
Legend ( you know the one with Tom Cruise, he was so young!)
Star Wars ( all of them, but most importantly the original 3)
Oceans 11
O Brother Where art thou
Good Night and Good Luck
Thank you for Smoking
The Ring
Almost Famous
American Beauty ( Love this one!)
The Fugitive
Duh, Indiana Jones ( all of them, well, maybe not this last one they did…)
Die Hard ( IMO The First one and the last one with Jason Long are the best!)
Nothing to Lose
The New Karate Kid ( will smith’s kids got tallent)
The Karate Kid ( classic)
BLACK SWAN ( in theatres now!)
Oh, oops that’s over 10, I’ll stop now!

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Sleepy Hollow
Dawn of the Dead (Original.)
Halloween II (Also the original.)
Corpse Bride
Pet Semetary
Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman

(I tried not picking TOO much horror…)

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@Symbeline You may think I’m silly, but I recently rented the original Disney animated version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It is really hilarious the way they drew Ichabod Crane. You can see him here. I though Johnny Depp was way too beautiful to have been cast in the part (with regards to the way he is described in the original Washington Irving story) although it was a good, albeit gory movie.

Just for fun, though, you should check out the Disney version (which you can rent from Netflix), which also comes with The Wind in the Willows, with Mr. Toad. It’s great fun!

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in no particular order
The Princess Bride
The Cutting Edge
The World vs. Scott Pilgrim
Bringing Up Baby (Kate Hepburn and Cary Grant)
Demolition Man
Get Him to the Greek
Easy A
Endless Summer I and II
The Hurt Locker
The Other Guys
Every Pixar film
Wallace and Grommit
The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain
Love, Actually

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@Blueroses OMG! Where was my head? How could I not include Love Actually! I would say that is just about a perfect movie. And YES to Endless Summer, the first one. I used to work at a pizza place by the beach and we used to show that, and Laurel and Hardy movies, so I’ve seen it close to 100 times.

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@WillWorkForChocolate There is a Passion of the Christ trilogy?

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@noelleptc I will bring popcorn.

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@Kardamom Haha he looks funny. I’d love to see the Disney version though.

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@filmfann LOL no, Pirates of the Carribean silly!

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too bad. I was hoping for Passion 2! Christ is Back, and he is pissed!

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1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
2. The Castle
3. Chocolat
4. Ghost
5. Blues Brothers
6. Crocodile Dundee
7. RED
8. Life is Beautiful
9. The Bank Job
10. The Italian Job (The original one)

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@Dutchess_III OMG how could I have forgotten Willow?? And @Harold Yes! I should have mentioned RED also! One of my new favorites.

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O….Brian’s Song. Makes me cry to this day.


1. Tokyo Story
2. Late Spring
3. Early Summer
4. City Lights
5. Modern Times
6. Schindler’s List
7. Psycho
8. Wild Strawberries
9. Raise The Red Lantern
10. The Elephant Man

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