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What would you say to a cosmetically altered friend?

Asked by thisisdewi (66points) December 25th, 2010 from iPhone

This isn’t a close friend, but someone I used to work with. His facebook photos all show him with his very new face. No evidence of the face I knew. The difference is quite substantial. It’s a small world, so am terrified of bumping into him. I mean, if I do see him should I ignore it?! Wait till he brings it up?

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If you want to be tactful, say “You look well. Did you lose weight? Or do you have a new haircut?”

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“Wow! I wouldn’t have recognized you!” will do for openers. Then ask if he is happy with the results, and when he says yes, just nod, and say “Good, that’s what matters,” and change the conversation.

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Say whatever you think. If he asks you. Do you think your opinion matters to him so much that if you have a negative reaction to his alterations he’ll lose sleep? He probably didn’t have you in mind when he made the decision. Otherwise, just say “Oh, I hardly recognized you.” You don’t need to give that any type of inflection at all.

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It’s obvious that he is okay with his new look since he’s posted numerous photo’s on FB. I’m assuming he didn’t change his looks for you, so I don’t understand why you would be terrified of bumping into him. If/when you see him, don’t ignore the obvious, just think before you speak.

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Nice ta-ta’s! XD

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Sooooo…is that tail prehensile?

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Be glad it’s not you and try not to laugh!

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“My mommy told me not to speak to strangers.”

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Unless I knew for sure whether a person who underwent facial plastic surgery was extremely happy with the results: I would not make a comment about the “new look”.

Too many facial surgical ‘enhancements’ change the person in ways that are far less than desirable…..and the patient knows that better than anyone!

If you know that the person loves his new look, I’d say, “You look great”.

Otherwise start with the weather…..whatever.

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I’m not a advocate of plastic surgery for ‘enhancement’ reasons, and I have several friends that have done face lifts, ( partial ), tummy tucks, breast implants, lifts, etc. etc.

It is always rather awkward, and, often, because of the insecurity behind these procedures you can be in a possistion of ’ damned if you do, damned if you don’t ’ notice. lol

My one, now ‘ex’ friend was so hypersensitive if nobody mentioned her face , it caused a lot of problems.

If you said something she took it as a ‘criticism’ and if you didn’t, she accused you of being insensitive for not making mention of it. rolling eyes :-/

She was a very emotionally fragile woman and, hence, the reason for ‘ex’ friend.

The walking on eggshells was just too much.

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