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Have you loosened up, recently, as far as socializing with friends and family in your home or their homes?

Asked by jca2 (16267points) May 28th, 2020

Recently, in my neck of the woods (southern NY), the weather is warming up and people are having more parties and gatherings. Businesses are going to start opening up which includes restaurants.

I’m not ready to go to restaurants or anything like that, yet. The local mall is open but I am not going there any time soon.

I’m seeing a family member for the first time this year and I’m wondering if I will hug him or wave from a distance. It will feel odd not to hug or kiss hello but this is all new.

What about you? Are you loosening up as far as seeing people or socializing?

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No. Not until I have the green light to see my grandkids. Both my son, and his wife, work in a retirement complex so they’re being especially stringent. If I can’t see them, I don’t care who I DO see.

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Nope. Haven’t hugged my mother except a side hug, no skin contact, except once on Mother’s Day when she insisted it was worth the risk. :D
Like @Dutchess_III said, if I can’t hug my mom freely yet, I don’t really care about touching or being around other people. #FamilyFirst

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A friend is stopping by for a visit this afternoon.

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No, I’m not inviting or visiting anyone.

When I walk Sadie, I do see people chatting outside, in their yards. I’ve even walked past a couple of large parties. I noticed that all the people seemed to be maintaining 6 feet/2 metres distance.

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I saw my brother for the first time since this all started on Saturday. We kept out distance, but we didn’t wear masks. I’m still not ready to go out to restaurants, malls or other gathering places yet.

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Yes. I’m not having people in my home, going inside anywhere except the grocery store when need be, but I have been having take out meals on my deck with a few friends and once in a park. These are people whom I know have been as careful as I have and we eat our own food and stay at a distance. I would not meet with more than one or two people at a time still.

I saw my Ex last week and we did not hug!

I will go to another friend tomorrow and sit on her porch to visit.

Still washing my hands all the time and wearing a mask outside.

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Nope, not one bit.

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No. I think it’s more important for the community that we save contact for things that are necessary to keep everything running (and make it possible to open up more).

I video chat with friends regularly instead, and have since the beginning of the shelter in place in my area. Played Pandemic over Zoom last weekend, and it actually worked really well.

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Once again, we have staff for that.

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Nope. Not one bit.

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Nope. I miss a few things, but with things like telephones and the internet I don’t feel that isolated, and I tend not to get lonely or bored anyway.

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I’m getting a tiny bit better!!! I have started going to eat at my favorite restaurant. Before the virus they could seat 88 & regularly did. Now they can only seat 44 & I go about 3 in the afternoon & most days I’m the only one there or at most 10 people with well over 6 feet between all of us. I wear my mask going in & look around to see how many people are there & what options on seating that I have available. IF I feel comfortable with the situation I eat in. IF I feel the slightest hesitation, I get my food to go & eat at home.

I helped raise a friend of mine’s daughter & they invited me over for Mother’s Day lunch. She didn’t invite her own mother. We were outside with 6 feet between each of us, so I decided to go. There were NO hugs or kisses, but a LOT of “I love yous”. For Memorial Day they had a cookout for 20 or so people & I decided that I wasn’t ready to be in that large of a crowd, so I politely declined.

I’m avoiding going back into our local stores at this point. As long as I have access to food & Amazon will still deliver, I have had all my basic needs taken care of & I don’t “need” to go shopping in the stores as yet.

I live in an area that has had very few cases of the virus & I’m keeping an eye on the number of cases weekly. Once we reach our peak & level out, I think that I will be more ready to go. Until then, I’m doing my best to use my common sense!!!

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I did go golfing with my good friend but we still practiced social distancing and such, but that is it I don’t want to be around others for awhile yet, this Pandemic is far from over, and we still have to see what round two delivers.

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I am pretty discreet as it is. I don’t kiss and tell. I will say that wearing a mask, sunglasses and a beanie suits me just fine. In addition, I am mostly cycling instead of walking or jogging, and I have put on a little weight as a result- well, that and eating more… It all helps to socially distance.

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My scooter comes tomorrow. Shopping coming right up.

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Update. Yesterday evening, Paul and I went out for the first time since early-March. A nearby restaurant had outdoor seating, with tables spaces apart, and live music. Customers couldn’t go inside, and employees were politely reminding about social distancing. The weather was gorgeous, and everyone was having a great time.

Paul had removed his face mask to eat dinner. Some bizarre man we don’t know decided to tell him something, so he walked over – no facemask – and leaned to within inches of Paul and his food…right next to Paul’s ear. Paul thrust his arm out, physically pushed the guy, and yelled, :“Get away from me.”

Lesson learned – stay home and don’t even try to congregate in public. Despite 2.5 months of education and acclimation, there are still idiots who’ll put other people at risk.

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Rumor has it that my son and his wife and the 4 grandkids are going to meet up with us at the lake next weekend. First time I’ve seen them since February. Nothing will end a quarantine as fast as a pontoon boat!

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My 5 year old grand daughter wanted to read me a book. She had Mom video tape her reading this book to me!

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My first outing since March 2nd will be tomorrow. My daughter is taking me to get hardware needed to build a home for my new scooter.

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