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What do you do to "send a message" to your S/O that you are right and they are wrong?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) December 29th, 2010

You have had an epic “disagreement” with your S/O over one thing or another and they are more stubborn than a mule and simply refuse to see your side of things…so much so you are now steaming mad! Short of physical violence, sleeping on the couch, or poking them with a stick, what are some of the more creative ways have my fellow jellies have sent “messages” to their S/O on how wrong they are and how right you are?

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If it’s not life or death, then time usually proves you right. I don’t get “winning” over someone you care about. Being right with male friends is one thing, having the last word with women never works out well.

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I just throw her this look to convey my superiority over her innate & uncanny ability for “wrongness.” That soon has her submitting like a cornered baby sheep XD

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I’m not one to give advise here Cruse. My track record is not good. Looking back, if it’s a major decision, talk it out, and sleep on it for a couple of days before talking again. Maybe, you already done that… and IF all else fails, remember those majic words, “you are right dear!” Of course, that would not be for those life changing decisions. Those are really tough… I’ve been there. I’m not much help.

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A relationship is one of giving, sacrifice and compromise. Sit down with an attitude of trying to solve the issue not with one where a person is right/wrong. Allow the dust to settle then have a sit down talk out with one another and come to a compromise. Let the other know that you love them and want to find a solution. Set aside the anger and open your mind to the others feelings and thoughts. Good Luck

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@ucme LOL LOL love it. I want the Benny Hill theme music played at my funeral and for everyone to chase each other out of the cematorium, across the grass, round a tree…. :-)

To the question though. is it really that important to score points? usually it’ll become pretty obvious who was right or wrong but we don’t get all that long on this rock, I’ve lost too many people I love these past few years to waste a single minute being “in a huff”. There is also “being the bigger person” by being the first to give a hug and a “lets forget about it”. Hope you get it sorted out,
hugs xx

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I have a conversation – depending on my tone and what I say, he’ll know.

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I always say something like, “I have my idea, you have yours , so we might as well drop it.” And I do. I mean, when I know I’m right it’s end of discussion! LOL

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Short of being able to prove you are right, the sensible thing would be to agree to disagree and end the dispute immediately and move on.
then accidentally oversalt their dinner LOLL

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I really do try to not push things too far with who’s right and who’s wrong with my hubby, BUT we once had a major blowup over cleaning the house and I kept telling him I refused to clean up after him like I’m his mother. I made a big point to say that a lot of the mess was his mess and I was tired of being expected to clean it up. I also said I refused to keep cleaning up trash from our oldest daughter since she’s old enough to clean up her own crap for the most part.

For a solid week I cleaned up after myself and our four year old, and left the rest of it just laying all over the house. I didn’t even do my hubby’s dishes or wash his laundry. Especially since part of the problem was that instead of throwing the laundry in the basket, he left it laying all over the floor, even in the living room and the kitchen, for cryingoutfuckingloud. I went completely on strike.

He’s much better about his mess now…

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Man you guys are no fun!! Hasn’t anyone salted their coffee, rub their bath towels in insulation, unmatched their socks, served them frozen dinner, honked the car horn really loud as they walk in front of the car scaring the shit out of them to make your point?? I am looking for new ideas here!!

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@Cruiser -Dip hand soaps in chocolate.It will make them regret every bad word they called you.How’s that? XD

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@lucillelucillelucille <<knuckles>> What would you think of river rocks or tinfoil balls dipped in dark chocolate??

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@Cruiser I did say over salt their dinner. Does that count?

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@partyparty I could combine that with their frozen dinner and tell them it will be thawed in no time! XD

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@Cruiser -Perfect! Smaller pebbles go down easier ;)

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How about treble fish hooks in their hamburger? I guess that is a bit harsh. LOL

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@Summum Yeah a bit much even for me. Fish bait eg. worms or minnows for condiments on their burger might be more persuasive.

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@Cruiser There’s a reason I haven’t resorted to those tactics you mention. I kind of like breathing, more than happy to remain that way.
@bunnygrl Including the vicar, perhaps being chased down by a scantily clad girl or four :¬)

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@ucme LOL. I’ve also told hubby that I want one of those little bags you put batteries in from the joke shop that laugh? one of those in my coffin with me, and instead of reading eulogies, I want folk to tell their favourite jokes. Laughs all the way at my funeral hopefully, and with my little joke box I can join in :-) I have asked everyone to still be included in formal “dos” like weddings etc, and have asked hubby to have a little hat made for my casket/urn. Nothing fancy, something with a little flower on and maybe a little ribbon :-D

Re: the question, seriously maybe I’m missing something but you’re supposed to love your partner more than anyone else (including yourself) in the world, yes? and above this reply are suggestions for revenge that would cause definite physical harm. Soap, stones/pebbles or tin foil covered in chocolate? Could any of you guys really do that to your partners? seriously? If so, maybe you shouldn’t be with them. I know, hopefully you guys are kidding but even the idea of anyone being capable of pulling stuff like that to somebody they supposedly love creeps me out. I’m off to hug my non revenge seeking hubby.
huggles xx

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Hasn’t anyone salted their coffee, rub their bath towels in insulation, unmatched their socks, served them frozen dinner, honked the car horn really loud as they walk in front of the car scaring the shit out of them to make your point??

The one person I know who pulled that kind of shit on his wife ended up with a huge lump on his head from a rolling pin. No woman wants to be married to an asshole.

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I ask if we can agree to disagree and move on. He will say no and so we’ll resume discussion and find a point of agreement. Rarely do we have an issue where one person is completely wrong or right so that much makes it seem like a win-win… if we talk it out, talk it down enough.

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