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What are some handmade gifts for a mother?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12576points) December 29th, 2010

I made a very dear friend online whose infant is the same age as mine. Since they share the same birthday we are doing a Birthday Buddy gift exchange. I have a few ideas on what to make for her son (although if you know something cool feel free to pass that on) but I need something to make for her. She is very sentimental. Something about being a great mom or a mom/son themed. Thanks!

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Grandchildren? :)

All right, all right – how about a gift certificate to a yoga studio with a card that speaks to the fact that part of being an amazing mom is making sure she takes time for herself.

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I should be clear that I want to hand make it. Thanks for all ideas!

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Do you have access to a lot of pictures of her son? Maybe ones she has sent you or posted on Facebook? If so, make a collage poster of him through Shutterfly or Walgreens or one of the other online photo places.

Maybe this is not handmade enough, though.

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What type of crafting do you do?

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@Supacase I made one of those for another friend and I had so much fun. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. That is a great idea.

I do all sorts of crafting. Not knitting though, that is one thing I never mastered.

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Ooh! How about a scrapbook where you design the pages and she just has to put in the pictures?

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crochet? make an afghan. Sew? a quilt.

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Go to a pottery place like Paint a Piece and make a mug.

Homemade lotions or potpourri in a box, and you can write on the box something sentimental, and she can re-use the box. Box can be made from wood, pottery, or some other material.

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What sort of creative abilities do you have, and how much time until you need the gift?

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I saw a wonderful ‘sister’ gift once. It was a decorated jar with slips of paper in it. You could make it for a year…. one a week perhaps, 52. Have 52 words of wisdom or suggestions for something for a mother to do. She could take one out a week and read it and get some inspiration or a suggestion for an activity or a craft to make for her and her child.

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I like @cazzie‘s idea. Pretty pieces of paper with quotations or sayings to inspire and celebrate being a mom. Sometimes we mothers really need those little reminders that we are doing is meaningful and reassurance that we are doing a good job.

BarnacleBill's avatar has a lot of ideas. What about making a humorous “shrine” to motherhood out of a jar lid and magnet, collaged. Like this but about motherhood.

Instead of bits of paper, make artist trading cards for each saying, so that each piece is an art piece that could be tacked up somewhere.

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