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(girls or guys with long hair) Can you please help me put my hair up in a ponytail?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) December 31st, 2010

I just need to know how to put it up, not in a super tight one…But enough to keep it up. i always have my sisters do it for me since I still can’t. I’ve looked up how to online but the…instructions and were very unclear and didn’t help me at all. So I was thinking. Could you guy and gals help me out? Do you use a song or anything to help you? How were you taught to put your hair up in a ponytail? Please help.

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so easy…...brush and grab our length with your left hand, get pony tail holder (rubber bands damage) and wrap a couple of times with right hand.

now if you want braids…...that is harder to look right.

easier than tying shoes…..just try it.

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I tried to find a video to show you the steps, but I couldn’t. This step-by-step article was the best I could find. It shows you the steps and seems to be pretty detailed.

Just brush your hair so it’s nice and smooth, then grab it with one hand while you put the elastic around it with the other hand. I like the Goody Stayput elastics – they’ve got a little rubber woven in so you can stop worrying about your hair slipping through, even if you don’t tie it as tightly. Goody also makes Ouchless elastics, which are fabric-covered and don’t have any metal on them so your hair doesn’t get caught. Like @jazmina88 said, rubber bands are not good for your hair – they’ll get caught easily and are very damaging.

Good luck – just keep practicing and you’ll get the hang of it.

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I need a picture of you. Which ponytail depends on head shape and hair.

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I always start brushing my hair back and gathering it in my left hand which is placed in the position I want my ponytail. I start by my left ear and brush that hair back and gather the hair in my left hand. Then I brush down the centre of my head and gather that hair in my left hand. Then I get to the hair by my right ear. After that I brush the back of my head from my right ear then my left ear and finally the last brush is right under my left hand that has been gathering all the hair.

With my right hand I wrap the elastic around my hair three times (but the # of times depends on how much hair you have). You want it to be tight but not so tight you are breaking your hair.

The best advice I can give you is to practise, practise, practise.

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Maybe you can practice on a doll first?

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First, brush your through with a good brush. Then brush back the sides completely away from your face.

Then take a scrunchie or a rubber band and loop it around your right wrist so it’s ready when you are to pull your hair through.

Then gather your hair up so it’s a long tail, like a horse’s. Depending on how high you like your ponytail, you can gather it low, high or in the middle. I like low and in the middle.

Brush out any kinks or flyaways.

Gather your hair in your right hand. I find it easier to make a ponytail starting with my right hand than my left.

Position the scrunchie so it lays just over your knuckles.

Take your left hand, pull the scrunchie to the left, tightly. Then twist the scrunchie around itself sort of like a figure eight, tilting it to the left. After you do this, you should have formed a small hole with the scrunchie and the scrunchie should be in your left hand now.

Take your right hand, pull the scrunchie toward your right and pull your hair through the hole completely. Now the scrunchie should be back in your right hand.

Repeat the process for as many times as you wish, depending on how thick your hair is or how small or big the elastic band is. Be careful. Some elastic bands may break in your hand if pulled too tightly.

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Braiding is also something that you can accomplish with practice, but depending on your manual dexterity control is how fast you can master a simple braid. One of the easiest ways of braiding your hair is to begin just after you have made the pony tail because this way the hair is kept taught and the three divisions of hair can be kept in better control. Now the next steps I learned by visualizing with my eyes closed and again it will take practice but you can do it. Begin with passing the right separation of hair over the middle and then the left over the middle whereby the middle is automaticaly moved to either the right or left, try to keep a snug fit as you are weaving and you will see that it will be great. Good luck!

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