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How can I add a header image to my "Other News" Tumblr theme?

Asked by mcr2k (2points) January 1st, 2011

(preferably, keep the image behind the link instead of having the image be the link itself)

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Can you link to your site. It depends on how the theme was written so I need to see source.

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Can you link to a image you want to use. The nut is cracked. I just need image dimensions.

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Notice what is done in #top

It is in the lower right.

Obviously, the text is a bit high.

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If you go this route I can help with that. Usually I spend hours helping and people pick a new theme.

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Thanks, that’d be great. Here’s the link to the image I’d like to put up.

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and yes, that’s exactly what I had in mind.

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Hi again,

I followed the instructions from your .png file and was able to put up my image in the background, so thank you!

It fits just fine, but you can’t see all of it — it’s two tiny people short :p If you could tell me how to define the size of the image, so that you could see all of it and still have it look good…
Sending you again the link to the image:
and my tumblr:

Thank you again :)

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