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How to raise one eyebrow?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) January 3rd, 2011

How to raise one eyebrow?
Tell me how can I do it? What are the steps?

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When I try to raise a single eyebrow, I look constipated. Either you can do it or not. If you can’t by now in your life… C’est la vie!

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Watch any scene from any one of Roger Moore’s movies. The guy has this little trick perfected.

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Use you finger to poke one side up if you can’t do it naturally. :P

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@ucme Or a Star Trek movie. Leonard Nemoy has it down as Spock.

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@Dr_Dredd Yeah, their eyebrows display a fine range of acting prowess. Moore’s has won several awards for a supporting role, allegedly.

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There are certain traits that are hereditary and you either can do them or not. Rolling your tongue is one of them.

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I think it is something you can do or not based on heredity. They say the sign of a natural actor is the ability to raise one eyebrow.

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Freida Kahlo could do it by getting on her tip-toes.

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Frown with both eyebrows, and then release one up.
Once you isolate the muscle involved you can get it.
However, I have not figured out yet how people raise, for example, just the tip end of one eyebrow.

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I can only do it by pushing one up with my finger. However I can roll my tongue.

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I can really only do it with my left eyebrow and it has always come naturally. In fact, it is part of the family you’re in a load of trouble when we get home look. It is also my bullshit-o-meter and I have no control over it

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@Summum rolling tongue? what is this o.O
@downtide wow! just a bit of rounding or complete rolling? It would be cool,no?
@Supacase lucky dude! :(

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I was born able to do this with the left one.

It’s like whistling through your thumb and pointer finger. In spite of the how-to-videos and a lot of spitting, I can not learn how.

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@gamefu91 I can roll it into a tube so well that I can suck a drink through it. :-D

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When I was younger Spock taught me. But I only can do one.

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I can raise my left eyebrow- perfected it during some boring class in junior high, but I can’t whistle or roll my tongue. I can do Spock’s finger greeting.

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There’s a complicated technique involving contact lens cleaner, french fries and a box of condoms, but I’m not sure I could do it justice in the space fluther provides.

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I take that back, I can raise both left and right eyebrows, seperately. I’ve been practicing in the mirror today.

Never tried to do what @downtide said. Just did and so can I! Strawtongue!

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My brother practiced at length in front of a mirror when he was a teenager. For some reason it totally derails me every time he does it. My son learned the trick also. I think maybe you have to have an inborn capability and then enhance it with practice, just like any other great natural talent.

I can wiggle my nose and roll my tongue. Both took practice. My husband can wiggle his ears and do this weird rubber-mouth thing that I can’t even describe. My son can cross his eyes. Ah, what a gifted bunch we are.

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I can raise either, roll tongue to shoot spit-wads, use as straw, etc, cross my eyes, cross one eye, move one eye in circles while the other is crossed, etc, but I’ll be damned if I can describe how to do it. Best I can say is stand in front of a mirror and practice. Use the force maybe, or, email Chuck Norris. I hear he doesn’t actually raise one eyebrow though, he just uses the other one to push the whole planet down.

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GA for the Chuck Norris line, @stevenb.

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Alan Rickman as Severus Snape does a pretty good job. He and Leonard Nimoy as Spock could have a great contest!

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I learned by practicing in the mirror a few minutes each day. A trick is to hold down one eyebrow while trying to raise the other. I don’t know exactly what it does, but it helped me learn.
I can raise my left eyebrow pretty well, but when I try to raise my right, my left always goes up a bit.

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I can only do my left one.

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