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How to speak good English?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) January 4th, 2011

I am not a native English speaker.I speak English but it is not fluent,nor do I sound good while speaking English.
How can I make myself sound good while speaking in English? I am not much concerned about accents,American or British accent,It should just sound good.
And how can I be more fluent in it? Because I think in english ,then convert it into English and then speak.English words don’t come to my mind instantly.
And what are some good English slangs,or idioms? How to remember amazing and interesting English words?

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The only way I know is to practice it with native speakers as much as you can. Preferably all the time. I understand that Rosetta Stone is good software and very effective. You could try that.

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Watch a lot of English-speaking television, or listen to English radio. It helps to learn if you can observe conversations and context.

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How about memorizing some movie or stage play monologues? Pick something literary. It will help you feel the rhythm and word use. Plus chicks eat that stuff up.

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For better pronunciation, study the articulatory phonetics of English. Knowing exactly what you should be doing with your mouth and tongue when you pronounce certain phonemes can help you pronounce them correctly.

What is your native language? I think you mistyped this: “Because I think in english ,then convert it into English and then speak.”

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I know this sounds silly, but try Sesame Street, it’s a children’s program. I started watching it in Spanish and it really helps you learn.

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Listening is a good idea, but you should probably really focus on talking. Look online for online speaking english classes online – like this one (there’s a group search here).

I speak Spanish conversationally – but I don’t really practice it. I lose so much (right now, I might be able to get to the bathroom and the library) when I’m not speaking. And because you can understand grammar so much easier than you can speak it, it’s much harder to learn to sound good unless you’re talking a whole lot.

I hope that makes sense.

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Practice the language with other who speak fluently.

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Practice, practice, practice! The best way to improve fluency is to practice, either with native speakers or with others who also speak English as a second language. If you have friends or family members who also speak English, try not to use your native language with them.

Like others have said, watching English TV is a great way to improve fluency. Also, you could try watching DVDs with the English soundtrack playing while the captions are in your native language, or vice versa. Try reading books in English (start with children’s books if you’re not super-confident). Try reading texts in translation, with the English copy placed alongside the copy in your native language.

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I agree that practice is the best way. Spend time with fluent speakers as @Eggie suggests. Watch tv programmes, read magazines, books, etc.

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Practice makes perfect, like what I do :-/

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Audio books might help.

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Your best bet is to talk to native speakers of the language.

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How are you at singing in English? Many non-English speakers can sing in English with little or no accent, because their breathing is strong and their mouth shapes the words correctly. Perhaps starting with songs, and then concentrate on making the words less musical while holding the pronunciation.

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Listen and read a lot! It’s the best way in learning languages. And don’t learn grammar rules! Never! Only listen, and listen, read and read.Learn phrases, or sentences, never individual words. Speak to native speakers, or to yourself. Yes, speaking with yourself helps a lot! Best wishes! ( I’m also an English-learner, it’s my third language. I’m learning alone, online, and by listening and reading, without learning grammar rules. )

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@Asker learning online from where? I know grammar rules by the way :)

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You can find short stories on VOA, Special English, section: American life, and “Literature.” There, you can read and listen the stories at the same time. If you are interested in British English, i should like to recommend you this site: It’s also great!

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’ The free dictionary. com’ can help you to find idioms , phrases and slang. I use also the ‘English’ . Both are excellent!
Put interesting words into short sentences, and learn them. It’s much more effective and much more easy than learn word by word. If you need a good dictionary, try Merriam-Webster’s learner’s dictionary, Longman English Dictionary, Heinle’s Newbury House dictionary. Best wishes!

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