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Some questions every Christian should answer?

Asked by littlekori (676points) January 4th, 2011

1) If someone asked you who is God, what would you say?
2) Do you believe everything the bible says? If not, explain?.
3) If someone asked you why you should go to church, what would you say?
4) What is the Trinity?
5) If a person was completely against God and Christianity and they asked why you believe or why someone would, what would you say?

These are 5 of the nine questions that we were asked at church the other day. So what are your answers? Go into as much detail as you please(: Im curious to see other opinions.

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Do you only want answers from Christians or do you actually want to discuss questions like 5? If you want some discussion, you should state this so other responses don’t get modded off.

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I’m more of a “laid-back Christian” but I’ll only take the time to answer #3.

I don’t feel that you have to go to church. Going to church doesn’t make you anymore of a Christian than going to the racetrack makes you a racecar driver. And a great deal of what goes on in “the church” these days just sickens me. I haven’t been to a church in months now, and it’s actually a relief to not have to see and hear all the garbage there.

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I think that #5 is actually a fantastic question as phrased. It doesn’t imply a need to convince the other person. It’s simply a requirement to defend your position.

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1) I would want to know if you meant God the Father? I would say that I know who he is and where he comes from.
2) No The Bible is a collection of books or writings that were put together. There are more writings left out of the Bible than were put in it. Most of the Bible is written in parables and examples. There are many hidden things within it for us to discover.
3) I would say that the Church was made for man and not man for the Church. You should use Church to fill whatever need it does for you but if those needs are met you don’t need to go to Church. If you are LDS then you go to renew your commitments to Christ and your covenants.
4) The Trinity is an attempt to classify Christ, God and the Holy Ghost as one person. This is not so and never will be. Just as the Bible tells a man and a woman to become one so are Christ and God one. One in purpose and one in thought.
5) I would say that through my own personal experience I have found the answers to these questions and therefore I no longer have the questions.

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1. My creator
2. No, it says it was directed by God, but what is to really say it was. Only the New Testament is more reasonable. The old testament speaks of an Angry and Vengeful and jealous God. That is not the God I believe in.
3. Really haven’t found a reason. Years ago it was a peaceful place to gather with others who wanted to live in peace with each other and learn to live as Jesus directed us. Now it is all about, who is wearing what, who belongs, who doesn’t, and how soon can I get out of here to be evil to my neighbor. I don’t know how many times people of a different race would hesitate or even ignore my extended hand when offering the sign of peace. I liked it better when I was a child and and there was a real knowledge of the love Jesus preached. Now when I go to church I feel his words fall on death ears.
4. Father, Son (Christ) and the Holy Spirit
5. Faith isn’t about believing in what you see but what you feel in your heart. Of course in my case it doesn’t hurt to have had several miracles happen in my life to confirm what I already knew in my heart.

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1) Yes—but my view of Him may not be nor must it be the same as anyone else’s; every man, woman and child has the right to his/her own interpretation of God. The important thing is to believe in a Higher Power to which we can aspire.
2) Not literally. It was written thousands of years ago by many men, interpreted by many men, and translated generation after generation by many men. It’s more literature than history.
3) To focus attention on, and connect to, one’s religious/spiritual feelings and beliefs, to join others in a forum that celebrates our higher selves, and to participate in religious rituals that comfort us.
4) Three dimensions of one interpretation of God.
5) Each of us is free to believe or not believe whatever we want. Thank God.

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Non-Christian theist chiming in:

1) God is the beginning and the end, the Creator of all things.
2) I do not believe everything the Bible says, mostly because it was written by man and man is fallible. I also believe that much of the Bible is allegory.
3) I would explain my reasons for going to Feast. I go because I love the fellowship, the readings, the news of our local assembly and having been raised Catholic, being a member of a community of faith is very important for my own spiritual growth.
4) Traditionally the Trinity is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I would include all the Manifestations of God in the “Son” part. I have always thought of the Holy Spirit as that feeling I get of God being all around me as I move through this world.
5) I have always been inclined to believe in a higher power because of the reality that nothing + nothing = nothing. Even going all the way back to the Big Bang, something had to have set things in motion, I think God is that something.

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@SuperMouse It would have been a lot of work for me to have put it better than you. Thank you for your uplifting, faith-building answers.

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1. Which God? There are lords and gods many. And each lord and each god must have a name.
2. No.
3. I don’t know why anyone should go to church.
4. A trinity denotes 3. I believe in a unity.
5. Why I believe is because I have been shown the truth.

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1) God is the Creator of heaven and earth and all things therin
2) Yes
3) The bible tells us not to stop meeting together as Christians (the building doesn’t matter)
4) God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit
5) If someone is “completely against God and Christianity” then I would share my testimony with them and show them the work that God has done in my life, from there they have to make their own decisions (after leaving them I would pray, pray, pray for them!)

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“1) If someone asked you who is God, what would you say?”
God is the operant force in the universe, the primary motive foce behind all things.

“2) Do you believe everything the bible says? If not, explain?”
No, and it’s not important for me to do so. The central teaching of the Bible is, “Love the lord your God with all your heart and mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.” If you do this, all else is secondary.

“3) If someone asked you why you should go to church, what would you say?”
To learn.

“4) What is the Trinity?”
The three primary aspects of God, about which we know.

“5) If a person was completely against God and Christianity and they asked why you believe or why someone would, what would you say?”
Because God has placed love for him/her in my heart, and love and empathy in my heart for my fellow human beings.

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Let the Bible give the true Answers
Psalms( 83:18)
The Bible does not teach the Trinity
John( 17:3)

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