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I need a good song downloader . Help?

Asked by Luiveton (4157points) January 7th, 2011

Well limewire is under a court junction, and Frostwire is simply shit, and I love listening to music, so I need a good music downloader. Help?

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Well, if you’re always using a computer with an internet connection, you can try You can’t download songs, but you can stream whichever and however many songs you want for free. I know that isn’t exactly what you want, but it might work for whatever situation you’re in. And it’s free.

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Log onto iTunes, pay for the music you want and hey presto! it’s downloaded to you beautifully. Or, if you’re a thief, you could always steal it.

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Use Grooveshark to listen, it is legal and has everything. If you want to download, use iTunes or Amazon.

ETA: I believe you can get on Grooveshark even from mobile devices, so the lack of download ability really doesn’t hold you back much.

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I like amazon’s free music, album of the day and the $5 deals.

If you google creative commons music you can find a lot of legal music download sites. I’ve picked up a number of artists on there before they hit amazon or iTunes.

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For music, I go to these sites: (be sure to click the mp3 tab)

Hope that helps ~~

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the best song downloader is some music shop. money well spent. and also it is better than buying from i Tunes, because CD is tactile. I like to rip the foil and smelling the book inside of packing…

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If you want to steal shit then torrent is the right choice and considering you said “limewire” i assume that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for.

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I use bittorent and private trackers. Google it. I don’t want to explain it.

I listen to middle range obscure stuff and I find full albums of everything I want.

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@majapl I also enjoy that.

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@Thammuz ‘If you want to steal shit’? Please Do not try telling me I’m the only one who downloads ‘shit’. Unless you’re trying to tell me you ‘Buy’ hundreds of that ‘shit’. And how come you know about torrent unless you use it…?
@FrBrown I need to be able to upload it on my ipod, because I use it alot.
@meiosis Same thing I said to Thammuz, this isn’t called stealing. I’m not the only one who does it, and whoever buys literally thousands of songs is clearly an idiot. Sorry.

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@Luiveton Because i steal shit, obviously. I never said i didn’t or that i was against it. Most of the stuff you find in stores is overpriced and i’m not made of money so i only buy stuff i like and even then only if it’s on a special offer. Still, let’s not mince words. We’re not giving money for something we should theoretically pay for, hence stealing. It’s also civil disobedience, in my book, but, still, stealing. By the way, if you’re so sure you’re not doing anything wrong, why are you so defensive about it?

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@Thammuz I don’t consider it wrong. I only got annoyed when you said ‘Steal shit’. Anyways, thank you.

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Just because you’re not alone in stealing, it doesn’t make it not stealing, it doesn’t make it a moral choice, it doesn’t make it right.

And thinking the goods are overpriced doesn’t give one the right to steal either. If it did, Ferrari would be in a lot of trouble.

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@meiosis you must have mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck about what is my “right” to do.

Most of the money you pay for music and movies doesn’t go to those who actually made it what it is, plus, it is generally not worth the money you pay. Add the fact that i don’t have an income and it becomes a no-brainer.

Furthermore here in italy there is a state subsidized organization, called SIAE, to which you need to be registered, and the registration is not free, in order to have your copyright recognised by the italian government. This organization is for profit while not providing any service except allowing registered members to sue for plagiarism, which is something that should be free because it comes with the concept of intellectual property and the use of the copyright license.

I even gave ten bucks directly to a band’s lead singer at a concert once, telling him i downloaded their album and i liked it so i wanted them to have the money, just so i could bypass this bullshit.

I pay for my videogames because i know how much effort goes behind the good ones and because their entertainment value is generally well over 10 hours, which to me is worth the fifty bucks i pay them. An entire album is generally under a hour long and it’s either so good i’ll listen to it several times on a loop (in which case i’ll obviously buy it) or it’s mediocre and will probably end up in the “i listen to those two tracks sometimes” list, which is hardly worth the 20 bucks. iTunes on the other hand has the whole drm+proprietary format shit which i really don’t like so that’s another option off the list. As for movies, i buy them whenever i have 10 bucks to spare because, ironically enough, they’re cheaper while often having a much higher entertainment value.

So yes, I will keep stealing from the fucking multinationals and my corrupt and fascist government and i will pay for the things i like enough to be happy getting ripped off for.

As for Ferrari, i would love to see the day that abominable bunch of scumbags stops being helped by the government and actually goes bankrupt. Ferrari and FIAT have been on the brink of bankrupcy for years now but, since our lovely politicians have personal financial interests in them, they keep getting bailed out. You americans have thrown a hissy fit about your bailouts only because you never saw what our government does on a regular basis. Hell, Berlusconi even tried to bail out football teams.

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@Thammuz – I just want to point out that iTunes no longer uses DRM on music. They haven’t for years.

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@Not_the_CIA Good to know, i still don’t use it because i don’t routinely use windows or mac, but still.

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@meiosis So you buy all the music you listen to? And no, maybe it might be a form of stealing, but it’s not major, you should be more defensive about real cases of robbery, not songs.
@Thammuz I always buy videogames, or music CDs, I buy everything I use, the only thing I download is music for the Ipod, even then, I download it because I know that the profit made is mostly for the place you buy them from, not the artist. And by the way limewire did cost money if you were to use the pro. But none of the profit goes to the artists.

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