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What is the cure for attention seeking in adults?

Asked by talljasperman (21910points) January 7th, 2011

What do you do with attention seekers…? What if you are one? What are positive ways to get attention?

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Hiding an explosive device at the location of the next Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globes….....etc…etc.

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@ucme er is that positive attention seeking?.. or a way to deal with attention seekers?

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@talljasperman Well it would get rid of a fair few attention seeking actor types, which was my point.

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@ucme Well I don’t want to get blowed up… Is there a more humane way to deal with people?... and LOL by the way… maybe I should continue my acting career?

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@talljasperman Yeah there are probably a multitude of less funny….....more humane ways. Top of the list being some sage advice to maybe not try so hard, relax be yourself. That would be a good starting point I think.

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Anytime bud! :¬)

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Their Mama didn’t love them enough.

No cure.

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there are so many styles of attention seekers. It is going to depend on if it is extroverted, introverted, narcissistic, pity, negativism, domination, etc.
For each type or approach, you would use a different technique. @talljasperman Do you have some examples?

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@blueiiznh going to a local small hospital and striking up a conversation with the ER staff at 3AM about cabin fever and asking to be treated for it…. calling crisis lines at 3AM and dredging up the past mistakes…asking questions about attention seeking and cabin fever on the internet : )

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Ignoring them.

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Love. Self-esteem.

That’s the usual reason they seek attention. They didn’t have enough of the former and they don’t have enough of the latter.

Ignoring them probably only makes them try harder.

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@talljasperman sounds like they need therapy more than an ER. All you can do is look out for the sign and not get sucked into their vortex.

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