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What are you grateful for that others might be surprised at?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30949points) January 11th, 2011

Do you suffer from a chronic illness but still maintain your sense of humor? Are you grateful that things aren’t worse?

Perhaps you live on a small, limited income but are grateful to have the steady source.

Maybe your computer is older than the hills, but you’re glad it still works.

How does gratitude work in your life?

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I’m glad I spent a large part of my life single, because getting a girlfriend will feel extremely satisfying and make me value her more (i think.)

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I am as old as the hills and thrilled that I still work.

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I’m an insomniac and refuse drugs, so I am profoundly grateful for natural, uninterrupted stretches of sleep.

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@gailcalled cool, I respect people that just never stop working, they always look very responsible.

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That I have no children (at this point in my life).

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I am grateful that as old as I am I don’t have to take any medications. Who knows, maybe I’ll be like Mom who’s 90 and only takes an aspirin a day.

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I’m happy to be getting older, because the alternative is something I don’t like to contemplate.

I like rainy, cold, and stormy days, because they make me even more grateful for the warm ones with good weather. (But I generally prefer the storms, anyway. So maybe we could say that I’m thankful for nice weather because it makes me appreciate the storms even more.)

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Keeping my sanity even when I can’t sleep.

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I know being grateful for health and their kids is a no brainer for pretty much everybody but I am grateful for my health, something Lucille is right now fighting so hard to regain.

But I would have to say my son’s musical talents right now are a dream come true, being able to jam mercilessly on our instruments together is something I am truly grateful for. Exceeds any expectation or wish I ever had while raising them.

I am also grateful to the Jellies here I have met and those who have allowed me the opportunity to get to know them.

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I am grateful to have somewhere to live.

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I have been on both sides of just about every fence there is.

Been waaay down and waaaay up and lots of in the middle. lol

I am grateful for all of my moments, and try to remember to say this out loud, every day.

” Thank you universe for all my blessings.”

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My parody has apparently backfired.

“I am as old as the hills and thrilled that I still work.”

Note the double meaning. I no longer am a salaried employer, but my parts still function.

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I’m grateful for the times my heart has been broken, for the times life didnt live up to my expectations, and for the losses I have experienced in my life.
Without the darkness I would not appreciate the light.

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I’m grateful that I’m surrounded by people who disagree with me everyday. I’m grateful that I’ve failed before and I will again. And I’m deeply grateful that I have friends who are capable of genuinely despising me.

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My job/s. I went through a period of time where I laid off payroll but my two stores gave me enough on-call work to make it through. I lost my house but nothing else.

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