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What do you think about ?

Asked by steelmarket (3598points) April 11th, 2008

You have probably seen their ads right here on Fluther. What do you think about the concept?

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My personal opinion of it is that it’s just a meat market for people who think too highly of themselves. But it’s a good thing because it kind of groups them all together into their own little clique so they won’t bother the so called ‘average” person with their arrogance.

You have to be rich and beautiful to join? phhfft! I wonder who decides how rich is rich and what beauty really is?

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I just went to that site. Did you read the “what we are about”? It makes me want to vomit! I think it is perfectly okay to list financial security as a quality for meeting someone and attractiveness is okay (when in relative to somone who bathes and takes care of him or herself), but my goodness – wealthy guys on that site are only interested in trophies not partners. And the women are interested in sugar-daddies – not partners! I think my word of the day is pathetic because I used it in several threads, but it is appropriate.

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People who think they have it all, when in reality they have nothing at all. They should be willing to take a chance on someone who actually could make them happy even if that person is an ordinary person with an ordinary income.

I would not trade my firefighter for all of the millions in the world.

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Thanks @mzgator – you said it just right!!!!
BTW – I meant financial security as in not spending more than your worth and making sound financial decisions based on your income, not seeking someone who has a certain income level.

And I think firefighters (and what they do) are fantastic too! Just don’t tell my husband – he’s a general manager – hee hee!

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Maybe a more appropriate title for that site would be Lo$er$ Unite!!!

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Personally I think such a site is great…weeds out those who have very shallow views and are doomed for a less than fulfilled life. Statistically leaves more of the good ones out there for the rest of us

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