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What bands or artists do you listen to that aren't quite popular yet?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7877points) January 19th, 2011

Ones that you feel like you “discovered” or are in the minority that listens to them.

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Heck, I’m still discovering bands that haven’t been popular for decades!

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I only listen to bands that don’t even exist yet.

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Baba Brinkman.

I discovered him due to his “Rap Guide to Evolution,” but the rest of his work is intelligent, funny, and thought-provoking. Watch this for an example of his work.

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My list changes all the time. Right now—Ray LaMontagne. He’s a blend of Joni Mitchell and Dwight Yokum. Go

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Quite a few, but most recently a band called Metaform.

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The Pearl and The Beard. They’re pretty awesome.

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Depends on what you mean by ‘popular’. There’s indie-popular and there’s mainstream-popular. I guess I listen to a lot of stuff on the border between those two?

Some of my favorites include Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, Fleet Foxes, and Beach House. These are all pretty well known, though. I even heard a Fleet Foxes song in the bookstore the other day. It filled me with joy.

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I’m with @Austinlad on this one!
I can also listen to my sister play the piano all day long

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Id say about 80% of the music I listen to most people havent heard of. I dont mean it in a stuck up way that most do when they say this, I just tend to like stuff off the beaten path. I also find that a lot of really good talented artists for some reason are known by like no one while the popular ones have not an ounce of talent and love the auto tune shit.

Some bands Ive really gotten into lately that seem unknown
Balkan Beat Box
Heath McNease
Maps & Atlases
The Budos Band

Here is my new music blog where I plan on constantly throwin up new music as well as posting all my play lists from my radio show

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The wife has a voice like an angel…...with bronchitis. I’m forced to listen to her warbling in the shower :¬(

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Ooh, I’m big into indie!

Here are some:
I’m From Barcelona
Margot and the Nuclear So-So’s
Mumford & Sons
The Black Keys (they’re a little mainstream)
Broken Bells
Daniel Rossen (if you listen to nothing else, listen to this. it gives me chills.)

@absalom : I get to see Beach House in concert sometime this month, and I’m sooo excited! I love them to death. Oh, and listen to this, it’s by the lead of Grizzly Bear. It’s absolutely breathtaking.
@tigerlilly2 & @uberbatman: You can’t have the guy with the glasses, he’s mine!

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Band of Horses, Every Time I Die, Damien Rice (he is popular in Europe, not so much in the states) but his music will give you ear-gasms! And @troubleinharlem the black keys are a-mazing!

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@troubleinharlem I just got into black keys. Awesome fuckin band

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The Civil Wars are incredible. I just found them last week and I’ve been listening to their stuff every day since.

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Okkervil River!

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Besides my brother’s band Indiana Handshake, I’ve become a big fan of Blackfire, and Resident Anti-Hero.

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Are the Avett Brothers considered indie?
Other than that, all my indie groups don’t exist anymore :/

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@IHateMusic yes, the avett brothers can be considered indie. Murder in the City ftw :)

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Willie Waldman is one of the hottest jazz trumpet players around!!!

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I don’t think enough people know about the magic that is Rilo Kiley.

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Oh! Oh! I love Rilo Kiley! Jenny Lewis’ solo album Acid Tongue is even better, though.

Tegan and Sara (I had a really hard time choosing a video, so I just picked one at random) are a Canadian band who really deserve to be loved by everyone in the whole entire world. They’re becoming more popular, but I still think they deserve more. (@iamthemob – if you like Rilo Kiley, try T&S.)

That’s all I’m sharing, because I tend to stop liking music when it becomes popular. If it’s on the radio, no thanks.

Bonus: Tegan and Sara are super hotties, and identical twins. Who are also gay.

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I already did. I already agree. ;-)

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I love Mumford and Sons as well as The Black Keys.

I also really like this band called Warpaint and another called Secret & Whisper, whom I have loved for ages but have never known anyone else who did.

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May I also add Stars?

Everyone should listen to Stars.

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I concur on the appreciation for both Rilo Kiley and Tegan and Sara.

Interestingly enough, I had never heard of Mumford and Sons until reading this thread, and then when I did a Youtube search for my brother’s band, they came up in the sidebar recommendations.

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Jets Overhead
Mike Doughty
Axe Riverboy
The Broken West
Camera Obscura
Sondre Lerche

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Two artists have caught my ear lately. Adam Rafferty plays an awesome finger style guitar. The other one is Daniel Mustard. He’s a recently homeless guy who has an incredible voice. He only has a few songs out so far.

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@BarnacleBill – I LOVE Sondre Lerche. Also, he’s hot.

I’m a little ashamed that I came to him through the “Dan in Real Life” soundtrack…but whatever. Two-Way Monologue is like the best song ever.

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@iamthemob, I have a fondness for Sleep On Needles myself. You might like The Broken West. Gwen, Now and Then is a favorite. The whole album, Now or Heaven, is a great workout album.

Do you by chance listen to The National?

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@BarnacleBill – My favorite album is actually “Faces Down.” It’s a classy, classy throwback. On that “Modern Nature” is captivating. I just picture Sondre in a top hat and tales, and Lillian in a full gown. Breathtaking.

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I saw him play in this little bitty bar last year; drove to Louisville on a work night. There were about 75 people there.

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His previous time playing in Louisville, he played the Center for the Arts with Belinda Carlisle. Ben Kweller, BellX1, Meyer Hawthorne, Lohio, Dawn Landes, Black Joe Lewis, all played the same place in the last few months. It’s a nice neighborhood bar in an old area of town. Between a handful of Louisville venues and the Southgate and Madison here in Newport, I get to see some awesome acts. Janelle Monae and Of Montreal played the Madison, which is an old neighborhood movie theater converted to a music venue (seats removed, floor tiered). I never have to pay more than $20 to hear a show. Mostly, $12.

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@Seelix , Tegan and Sara are adorable, my favorite is their early stuff before ” So Jealous”

@BarnacleBill Mike Doughty!! YES!! he randomly came to play a show here this summer and it was free, double excitement, he’s great- do you listen to soulcoughing??

@iamthemob , do you listen to cat power??

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@boxer3 – not enough.

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@boxer3, thanks for the heads up on Soul Coughing!!!

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