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Lightweight Windows XP text editor with markdown support?

Asked by Siddartha (2points) January 20th, 2011

I need a text editor that knows UTF8, is very light (after all a text editor should start once you click the icon) and does markdown – highlight (not conversion to HTML). So far I keep bumping into $30 options which I have no idea if they really work or GPL junk that can do anything once you’re ready to spend some time tweaking the code. So far I’m very happy with TED Notepad which does everything but this highlight.

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I believe Notepad++ supports Markdown with the Markdown language support plugin.

And it’s as the website says, free as in “free speech” and “free beer”.

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Indeedy + i think notebook++ also supprts plug-ins for various languages + features. if i recall properly you can also config it to work with only languages you like + adjust color, highlighting + all. May even feature some code completion. If youre looking for something not as lightweight you can always try eclipse.

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Wasted close to one hour trying to tweak the Notepad++ portable with some script. No thanks.

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