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Jelly Jury duty Case #2....Fountain Lady Lawsuit?

Asked by Cruiser (40449points) January 22nd, 2011

Apparently the lady who took a swim in the mall fountain is contemplating a lawsuit against the mall because her feelings were hurt because mall security was laughing their ass off…

“She acknowledges the video is funny, but says the security personnel heard laughing on the recording should have been more concerned about her well-being.”

How much will the Jelly Jury award this lady for her stupidity, pain and suffering??

More facts from the case here

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If the security people had surreptitiously moved the fountain into her path while she was distracted, then she’d have a case. The fact that she expected an apology from them (because the room-sized fountain sneaked up on her? because her idiocy was so laughable that… people laughed? because as a 49-year-old she hasn’t learned yet to pay attention to what she’s doing?) indicates that she may have brain damage, however.

In any case, there’s another shot of the video (from the side) that shows that a maintenance worker / cleaner at the scene did see her and offer assistance.

Case dismissed, with chuckles all ‘round.

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A swat on the behind for wasting the court’s time.

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Thanks to her considering this lawsuit, we now know exactly who the dipshit with her head up her ass was.
Good job!
Case thrown out, since you didn’t hear the pop (the sound of your head coming out of your ass).

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I’m SO loving this Jelly Jury trend!
She should be given some time out until she can figure out why she’s so dumb. No dinner.

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There is no case here as others have said.

But the sad note is that this is one of thousands of examples where people want compensation for their own stupidity. I am not sure how this has happened but lawsuits have become an acceptable way of life for many.

It is sad because places are going out of business defending suits and the world is being “stupid” proofed to try to stem the tide of stupid lawsuits.

Forests of trees are felled creating cryptic warnings like “Do not use this hair dryer in the shower or bathtub” in 4 languages because if the manufacturer doesn’t the are negligent.

Locally sand is being replaced in playgrounds because eating sand can make kids ill. Teeter totters are gone.

Sorry about the rant. It is just that these lawsuits – which can be prevented with just a little COMMON SENSE are forcing the rest of us to conform to stupidity.

So no- she doesn’t get anything. Maybe the mall should bill her to clean out the fountain.

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As a self appointed judge, I rule that this woman should be pushed in to a fountain and laughed at until she has an epiphany that reveals to her just how ridiculous she is being.

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Compensation? zero, nada, nothing. I agree with @Dog the whole compensation culture we seem to be living in now is extremely depressing. People need to re-learn the art of taking responsibility for their own actions, and move away from the whole “I want paid because A, B or C has hurt my feelings”. So what? get over it and grow up people. I honestly think that it’s time that the gene pool had some chlorene added to clean it up of these morons.

@poisonedantidote well said!!

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To put it in to perspective, they have kicked up such a stink about all this, that I, a 28 year old guy called Dave who lives in Spain, now knows that 49yo Cathy Cruz Marrero of Pennsylvania fell in to a fountain at a mall.

Don’t we still have some starving kids in Somalia to be feeding and getting on with instead?

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I’d award her 0.25 to call someone who cared.

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Miss Marrero – you are right that it was unprofessional of the guards to laugh – but it was also pretty human. You are also right that it was insensitive of the mall to leak the footage – but unfortunately it’s not really compensable.

So I don’t think it’s stupid or totally unbelievable that you contemplated suit…but you get $0.00

I wish that were the end of it…but it seems that what was very, very, very stupid of you to do was to make a big stink about potential legal action when you are under investigation for theft by deception by parties including the store where you are employed, located in the mall where you took your accidental bath.

We realize that this is a civil jury, and we are not normally empowered to impose criminal sanctions – but we talked it over with the job…and we’ve decided it’s the chair for you…because…damn girl!

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In light of the civil suit, she might be getting more than her 15 minutes of fame.

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She’s fulfilling her American duty? Although Canadians aren’t much better.

The video is pretty funny.

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Now what would Judge Judy say?

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After learning of her rap sheet, I can’t wait to see her on World’s Dumbest Criminals.
I am sorry the Security Guard lost his job over this BS.

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@Dutchess_III Ditto!‘I’m SO loving this Jelly Jury trend!’

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I can’t wait to see the security guard’s lawsuit next, if he lost his job over that.

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So a criminal wants to abuse the justice system for her own purposes as she’s being screwed by it herself for all the illegal things she’s been doing. Wow. Screw her.

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What a moron.
My “favorite” part of this story (I didn’t read the linked article but I’ve read others) is that she says she’s soooo embarrassed, yet no one would have known who she was if she didn’t come forward.
I thought she was just spacey for walking into the fountain. Now I know she’s a total farking moron.

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