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I had no idea you could buy _______! What have you found?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23137points) January 24th, 2011

I had no idea you could buy zombie insurance!

What strange things have you found for sale?

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I had no idea you could by prank packs!

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@WillWorkForChocolate I know. I plan on doing this to somebody in the near future!

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I just heard about this yesterday, and it is completely disgusting!!! but you can by crabs to give to someone as revenge.

I’m still in shock that this is even somewhat legal.

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You can buy leeches.

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also similiar to your zombie insurance @WillWorkForChocolate you can buy Divorce Insurance

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Introducing: the Levitating Hover Scooter! Could be yours for only $13,000!

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Zombie insurance? I can’t top that. XD
I did see Purina Gorilla Chow once at the zoo when I was a kid.That was amusing.;)

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-A “rocking bed”:

-Deer and Wolf urine (though, I’ve known this was for sale since I worked for a commercial shipping company and a large barrel broke in our warehouse one summer day….shudder, shudder)

And see also: 11 strangest items for sale on Amazon

and a link to the strangest things offered on Ebay

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I’m going to be buying some weird shit in the future because of this thread. DAMN YOU, @WillWorkForChocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Spotted Dick. In a can.

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Whale Milk Ice Cream

Really, I had no idea you could buy that. This thread got me looking for weird shit, and this is the first realy weird one that I found.

edit: how much does a whale milker make?

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Ohhh this thread just reminded me of this one I saw a few years back. Canned Cheeseburger

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A Camel Toe Cup.

The comments are great.

“I wanted to impress this guy at the bar, so I opened a beer with my cup, we’ve been going out for three days, he drives a Camaro, I’m in heaven!”—Bobbi-Marie Mudflap, age 52

“When I am not wearing it, I use as a recipe card holder, I am always finding new uses for it!”—Rhonda Sluichuck, age 45

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I didn’t know you could buy live lady bugs.

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I had no idea you could buy Seagull Poop

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Unlike AmWiser’s Seagull Poop, which is just huckleberry jelly beans, you can buy jewelry with real deer & moose poop embellishments.

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Sliced Bread…. shit its amazing… Have you tried it?

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How is that poop somehow works it’s way into half the questions on here? :P

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I found a whole slew of goodies!
And I’ll leave you with the most awesome one of all: link

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@AGN…Three hundred bucks for a doe bell? That’s an expensive piece of ass!

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