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What's your favorite optimistic, upbeat song that puts you in a good mood? (part 2)

Asked by Jude (32198points) January 25th, 2011

This question was asked a year ago, and I thought that we should give another go (with all of the fresh jelly faces around here).

For me, today, it’s this song. :) It is not so much the lyrics as it is the music itself.

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There’s many, but right now…

Just Be Yourself
by Gabin

I dare you not to dance. ;^)

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Journey. Don’t Stop Believing.

Best…motivation song…ever.

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This is probably an odd choice, but something about the melody always makes me perk up. Makes me start dancing before I know what I’m doing. ha. There aren’t any decent quality videos, sorry about that.

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Used to be “All Mixed Up” by 311…. don’t really have one right now.

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Falling on your steeeeel
Death in life is your ideal
Life is like a wheeeeeeel

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@marinelife: Get on your bikes and ride!!

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I Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles

(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone by The Monkees

Straight Shooter By the Mama’s and Papas

The Lonely Goatherd from The Sound of Music

Roam by the B-52’s

And Cha Cha by Chelo which you can hear and see here

Staying Alive by the Bee Gees

The Hippy Hippy Shake by the Swinging Blue Jeans

Sugar Sugar by The Archies

The Partridge Family Theme Song

You Spin Me Round (like a record) by Dead or Alive

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Rise by Alison Moyet gets me elevated every time.

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Panama by Van Halen

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Here are a few that I like
...and Leon Redbone’s version of “Shake That Thing” :))

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“Drive My Car”

beep beep m beep beep yeah!

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There is always only one answer to this for me. Don’t Stop Me Now

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OK Go – Here it goes again. The video always makes me smile

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I’d like to add this :-)

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Twist and Shout…..........The Beatles.

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My Feel Good playlist on Youtube

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Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac. Love it.

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